This Fan Theory About Mel’s Baby In ‘Virgin River Season 3’ Makes Sense

All the hooks worked rightly in the Virgin River Season 3, but the biggest cliffhanger out of all of them included Jack (Martin Henderson) and Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge). The latest season of Virgin River has seen their relationship getting strengthened a lot after going through multiple challenges. It ultimately led both of them to wonder whether or not they were meant to be together.

While Jack and Mel’s relationship was much endured during the starting of the season, it began to fall as Jack started to deal with Charmaine’s pregnancy. Still, Mel tried to secure a future with Jack, keeping in a loop what happened in Season 2. The vision of their future included a baby. This overwhelmed Jack to hastily end their relationship. The separation was a devastating blow that made Mel felt punished for being so vulnerable for her love. She immediately retreated to LA and started working through the split with her dearest sister.

In Los Angeles, Mel discovered that there is a possibility of having a child on her own. As a result, she took an appointment for the visit at the IVF clinic where she tried to have a baby. The viewers of Virgin River didn’t get a chance to see what all went on after the appointment. After an awkward reunion with Jack, the couple took a sunset hike and started to discuss their future. Right before the moment when Jack was about to propose, Mel revealed that she is pregnant and she did not know the paternity of the baby.

The question that who is the father to Mel’s child will be answered in Season 4. But according to one fan theory, there exists one logical explanation to this.

Reddit user, u/caitieb123 shared who could be the father to Mel’s baby. This is what she said:

I’m a little angry at the insinuation that Mel’s baby would be the embryo with Mark. As someone who had gone through in vitro and done an embryo transfer, you can’t just stroll in the office and have the embryo implanted in one day. You have to go through a process of hormone therapy to prepare your body for it. You have to give yourself daily shots to make sure your body can maintain the pregnancy even after you find out you are pregnant. It’s literally impossible to do it another way because your body wouldn’t be ready for the embryos. After all, the “natural hormones” aren’t there. She was in LA for like 3 days and had the idea while she was there. I think she’s pregnant with Jack’s baby, at least I hope so.”

With that said, while this makes an absolute logic, the actual thing can only be known after the release of Virgin River season 4. But if the writer does not choose an answer aligned with this fan theory, it will be really intriguing and a jaw-dropping moment, unlike any other Netflix series has ever catered.

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