‘This Guy Sucks at Retiring’: Fans Troll Jay-Z Hinting Retirement… AGAIN, Claims He Has a Gift & Doesn’t Want to ‘Shut It Off’

Grammy Award winner Jay-Z is once again in the news for his rumored retirement that does not seems to happen anytime soon. Previously, the singer announced his reinterment in 2003 but returned with a new album three years later. Even though the hip-hop star is not in the studio for a long time but he revealed he has not shut the door of his career. 

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Jay-Z retirement’s announcement at Kevin Hart’s show 

Jay-Z was in conversation with Kevin Hart during an episode of Peacock talk show Hart to Hart. Kevin Hart asked Jay-Z about his feelings about his retirement, to which the singer responded, “I tried that. I’m terrible with what I say”. His later statement is mentioned below.

“I just needed a break but I really thought that you know I was really burnt out that time. I was releasing an album every year 96, 97, 98”.

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Fans’ reaction to the statement

Jay z
A scene from Peacock’s talk show Hart to Hart

As the statement came out, fans recalled Jay-Z’s infamous retirement that he announced in 2003 and responded to the news.  “it’s new HOV content man that’s always good”, a fan tweeted while showing his excitement for Jay-Z.


A user appreciated the interview and said, “a nice interview with Kevin Hart”.


A Jay-Z fan tweeted about he wants the singer to come back with a new album. He also supported the singer and said, “I’m ok with whatever path he’s on.”

What is next for the pop star?


While hinting about what the future could be for the singer, he said, “I never want to say I’m retired. I just know it’s a gift and who am I to shut it off.” He later added, “It’s just like it’s open to whatever and it may have a different it may you know a different form a different interpretation” 
Jay-Z also hinted that it could not be a music album that we might come back with.

“Maybe it’s not an album maybe it is I have no idea but I just you know just gonna leave it open.”

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JAY-Z has been one of the top singers of his time and his entrepreneurial endeavors has crowned him as “Hip-Hop’s First Billionaire” by Forbes in 2019.

JAY-Z’s interview with Kevin Hart on “Hart to Hart” will premiere on July 14 on Peacock.

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