“This is hilarious. Kim can’t spell Harvard”: Kim Kardashian’s 2 Hour Lecture at Harvard Upsets Fans Despite Her Successfully Building a $1.4 Billion Empire

Kim Kardashian traveled to Boston on Friday, January 20, to give a two-hour speech to students at the Harvard Business School. According to NBC Boston, the 42-year-old reality star had unexpectedly come to town to serve as a guest lecturer for a direct-to-consumer session. She spoke about the success of her multi-billion dollar SKIMS shapewear company, but her fans weren’t happy about it. The reality star and co-founder of SKIMS, Jens Grede, arrived to motivate the students while being followed by a camera crew, according to a statement made by her representative to The Post.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

The outlet also published a video of Kardashian leaving the college after spending close to two hours in a classroom talking about her business endeavors. NBC10 Boston noted that some seminar participants reportedly gave Kardashian an ‘A’ for her nearly two-hour-long speech. She was merely talking about her SKIMS, which was worth $3.2 billion a year ago. Twitter trollers criticized Harvard for hosting the “talentless” businesswoman in the first place, along with the aspiring lawyer.

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Kim Kardashian was slammed for a 2-hour Harvard speech

Kim probably wanted to make the event as low-key as possible to avoid swarms of curious onlookers swarming the business school. But, a staff member’s videotape that was posted to Twitter shows Kim K looking professional in a stylish pinstripe suit with long, flared pant legs that cover her black pointy-toe shoes. She carried a stylish black leather duster over her shoulders and wore it with a jacket that matched it. Though she gave a two-hour speech, it seems her fans were not appeased by it. 

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

“This is hilarious,” one critic tweeted about her and her appearance, which lasted for about an hour and 45 minutes. Kim Kardashian can’t spell @Harvard.” Another ones stated,

Given that Kim Kardashian herself lacks a college degree, many users questioned the kind of advice she provided. “Schooled them on what?” One chuckled, “Using the word literally after every sentence. And giving advice on what?” 

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However, NBC10 Boston was told by Liz, a student at Harvard, that she had learned a lot from Kardashian. She feels that many people don’t respect her, despite the fact that she co-runs a multibillion-dollar business. “Just to learn from someone who has built such a successful business was really exciting, and being able to have that candid conversation was special too,” she added.

She is quite a businesswoman

It can’t be denied that the American socialite has grown into quite the tycoon over the last few years. She runs Skims and SKKN in addition to her role as a reality star. The celebrity also invests her fortune in worthwhile projects and works. Kim K recently spent about $200,000 on an Attallah Cross pendant worn by the late Princess Diana. TMZ claims that she bought the expensive jewelry on Wednesday. Princess Diana wore the Attalah Cross along with her elegant plum gown to a charity gala in London in 1987.  

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

The Garrard jewelry company lent them the item for the evening. “This is so disturbing,” one person said. “The need to be an ‘icon’ is deluding her brain.”

“Why [does] she keep doing stuff like this? Another person said. “This is cringe at a new level.”Along with being a successful businesswoman, Kardashian has been pursuing a legal career. The celebrity declared in December 2021 that she had finally succeeded after three attempts at the bar exam. The fashion mogul then expressed her gratitude to her professors at Bar Bri Law School as well as her mentors, Van Jones, Jessica Jackson, and Edy Haney, for their support throughout the procedure.

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Source- TMZ



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