This Is How Modern Japanese Anime Would Look Like If Drawn By Ancient Japanese Artists

Modern Japanese Anime art has branched into so different genres. The color illustrations and outlines as well as character depictions are so different. But the way anime is today is all because of ancient Japanese artists. How would these modern Japanese anime characters look like if redrawn in ancient Japanese art techniques? Let’s find out.

That Chidori Looks dope. But Naruto in a Kitsune mask? Could this get any better? We don’t know Japanese but those look like pretty intense dialogues.

To be honest we have never been that much of a Sailor Moon fan. But the characters in the picture look exactly like how the major Sailor Moon Characters would have looked like during the Edo or the Meiji Restoration period of Medieval Japan.

And that’s how a stand must look like. The Hamon abilities of the wielders show stands to be more of a demonic spirit under human cvontrol than forms born out of life force energies.

No matter what time period,. Saitama is still clueless as well as utterly invincible. He might be able to punch a planetary level threat into outer space. He may be able to swat city destroying giants like houseflies. But when he goes out to shop for veggies, even he admits defeat.

Since good weapons grade steel was in short supply in Medieval Japan, Winry got a little creative. The left hand of Edward Elric is made out of stone. So does it mean Alphonse Elric is basically a walking Stone Giant?

If Pokemon were there in the Muromachi period (Pre-1573), then this is how a Pokemon battle would have looked like. If you are asking yourselves as to why is cheering alongside Team Rocket, then we do have an answer. The Muromachi Period was an age of violence and plunder and of course, fledgling and dubious alliances.

Not trying to brag but the Demon Slayer anime art work kind of looks the same as in the picture. Also why does Zenitsu look like Shaggy from Scooby Doo? Is that his scaredy-cat face??

In the age of the Nara period, which was basically about 1200 years ago, Japan was home to a race of steel giants that roamed the waters of Tokyo. The Japanese learnt to build Katana steel out of the corpse of the last great steel giant – the Gun-Daimo.

Mega Man meets modern Japanese tattoo gangs meets ancient Japanese artistry. The result is a classic take on an equally classic character.

We would pay to take a look at this version of Spirited Away. This would have made Miyazaki proud.

There was once a kid with a tail that lived in Hokkaido. He proved his worth by stealing the eggs of the Great dragon of Mount Fuji. He is now better known as the Monkey King. And he looks like Goku a lot.

Question – Where is the third hand on the bottom right coming from? Is Luffy learning a new technique or is Robin trying her poker face as she steals food from Sanji?

This is such an on point fan art. Even when redone with Medieval artwork style. guts still looks liker a one man army, about to rip his way out of this fix along with his trusted longsword.

The Shinigami Saint has a shrine in Okinawa. And he is infamous for granting wishes of death. Whoever you want to hurt, you pray to the Shinigami Saint and curse him/her.


Alright we know The Mandalorian is not an anime. But this just looked so freaking cool we couldn’t not include this in the list. Even in Medieval Japanese artwork style, Baby Yoda looks cute as hell.

Source: Ukiyoeheroes

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