“This is J-Lo’s way of deflecting attention”- Jennifer Lopez is Lying About Having a Baby With Ben Affleck? Sources Reveal The Couple Planning to Have a Baby Next Year

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck recently grabbed all our attention by eloping to Las Vegas. The couple got married in a real hush manner and fulfilled a decade-old dream. Having dealt a not that great a hand at relationships, it looks like they both found each other again, to our delight. After being together for a year, the two stars decided to tie the knot on 16 July 2022, in an ordinary chapel, like ordinary people. Here’s a sneak peek into the couple’s life.

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Jennifer Lopez Would Love To Have A Baby

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez walking through Paris
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

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Although it’s only been a year since they eloped, J-Lo and Ben Affleck have been entangled for two decades. So now, everything is a bonus for them. The On The Floor singer revealed that she would love to have a baby. The mother of twins Max and Emme are keen on welcoming a baby. In addition to the already large bunch, as the Batman star also has daughters Seraphina and Violet, and a son, Samuel with ex-beau Jennifer Garner. A source shared with Closer,

” Ideally, they’ll have a baby in their arms by this time next year, possibly twins if they’re lucky enough. The official line they tell friends is that they’re just grateful to have this beautiful, blended family and that’s all they need besides each other. But this is J-Lo’s way of deflecting attention because she wants it all handled discreetly and of course it will take time – especially i,f they go through with her preferred scenario of surrogacy.”

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J-Lo has always been wanting a baby. In an interview in 2020, upon being asked about having a kid with now ex-partner Alex Rodriguez, she said I want to! I don’t know that it’s in God’s plan but I would like to try. I’m so open to it!”

Affleck and Lopez.
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at the Marry Me premiere

Adding further to their interview with Closer, the source said

It’s not as though she needs more kids to feel complete with Ben, but it would be the icing on the cake of their fairy-tale journey. It’s not as though she needs more kids to feel complete with Ben, but it would be the icing on the cake of their fairy-tale journey. She’s always loved the idea of raising a big family. Jen was one of three herself and knows Ben’s got plenty of energy in the tank to raise one more at least.

She’d love a baby with this man she calls her soul mate and life partner and, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, it’s a whole lot easier now than it would have been 20 years ago, so surrogacy is very much on the table at the fore of their options – but adoption is being considered as well.”

Bennifer: A Quick History

The New York-born singer crossed paths with the Californian actor on the sets of the movie Gigli. Seeing their chemistry, a lot of speculation was there about the nature of their relationship. But the rumors were just rumors, as Affleck said in an interview how the two stars were close friends.

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July 2002, reports of J-Lo divorcing her husband Cris Judd came rushing into the tabloids. Soon followed by reports of a new couple in Hollywood. The singer and the actor got together in the summer of 2002 and would end up being engaged by November of the same year.

Having been engaged for nearly a year, and having to postpone their wedding due to huge public attention, the relationship started straining. And in January 2004, they officially announced their split.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on the red carpet in 18 years
Bennifer on the red carpet after 18 years.

Maybe the universe does work in mysterious ways. The stars aligned for our stars to meet again, and rekindle the old spark. Following her breakup with Alex Rodriguez in 2021, and Affleck’s split with Ana De Armas, the couple spent a lot of time together. And on her 52nd birthday, Jennifer Lopez announced her relationship to the world. Love does find its way back.

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