“This is so dumb. Please stop”: Bruce Willis living With His Ex-wife Demi Moore After Dementia Diagnosis Rumors Frustrates His Wife Emma Heming Willis

American action icon Bruce Willis is going through a hard time. After being diagnosed with aphasia last year, the Die Hard star was confirmed to have frontotemporal dementia. This illness is progressive in nature and may get worse as time progresses. Willis’s fans and family have come together to give much-needed support and love to the actor at this difficult period. However, baseless reports and rumors have frustrated Bruce Willis’ wife, Emma Heming. Recently, a rumour was doing the rounds on the internet that Willis’ ex-wife, Demi Moore, was living with the star, which is now debunked by Heming.

Bruce Willis’ family is doing their best to keep him healthy

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis’ condition is rare and incurable

Bruce Willis was previously diagnosed with aphasia, and his family confirmed this year that his health condition has progressed and he is now diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. Soon after the news broke on the internet, millions of his fans and industry friends showered him with positive love messages on Twitter.

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To handle this heartbreaking situation and to keep Willis healthy, the American actor’s family asks his friends and family to watch his old movies every week. Not just that his ex-wife, Demi Moore, urged his co-stars to visit them, as they were planning to watch his movies together with the actor at his home; this way he can relive his old memories.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis
Demi Moore and Bruce Willis

The Glass movie actor’s dementia could possibly erase his lifetime of memories if his health gets worse with time. As reported in Radar Online, Willi’s ex-wife, Demi Moore, shared the idea of watching his movies with his entertainment industry friends; this way they can honor him and help him keep his hard-earned memory alive. An insider shared, “It was Demi’s idea, and the whole family is quite excited about it.” Another source told the outlet,

“The family hopes that reliving the various experiences he had with his co-stars will keep Bruce’s memory as sharp and stimulated as possible, and it may be a Hail Mary pass, but at this stage, they’re willing to try anything to keep Bruce’s memory intact for as long as they can.”

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The Glass actor’s family has already asked his on-screen co-stars Cybill Shepherd, Bonnie Bedelia, and Sylvester Stallone to support him and visit the actor to watch his films with him.

Bruce Willis’ wife Emma Heming denies claims that his ex-wife Demi Moore is living with them

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming

In the middle of Bruce Willis’s ill health condition, his family and friends are trying their best to support the legend during this tough time. Earlier this week, his wife, Emma Heming, took to Instagram and urged his fans and paparazzi not to follow him in public or intervene in his personal life as his health is not good.

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 Since the news of Bruce Willis’ FTD diagnosis was announced in public, media houses are leaving no stone unturned and constantly making one story after the other about his condition. Recently, Emma Heming, denied rumors that Willi’s ex-wife, Demi Moore, had moved in with them in order to help the actor cope with his ill health. There is no doubt Moore has shown her constant support towards her ex-partner, but Heming has had enough of fake online reports. She shared a screenshot of one of the articles whose heading suggests that Moore has moved in with them to help his family. She shared the story on her Instagram story on Wednesday, writing,

“Let’s nip this one in the bud. This is so dumb. Please stop.”

Recently, the Pulp Fiction movie actor was out for the first time ever since the news of his FTD broke this year. He was seen enjoying his coffee along with his friends, and at one point, paparazzi gathered around him to take his pictures and ask him questions, and the actor looked confused in the images, after which his wife asked them to maintain their distance around him.

Source: Fox news


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