“This is the man preaching about skin care?”: Brad Pitt Reveals Gwyneth Paltrow Made Him Wash His Face Twice A Day After Releasing His Skin Care Products

Brad Pitt has a lot of different feathers in his cap. The 58-year-old is an actor, producer, philanthropist, and wine producer, and has recently turned into the founder of a skincare company. The actor’s brand, Le Domaine is a line of genderless skin care products. The celebrity recently attended an interview with British Vogue and answered questions about his new brand. During this session with Vogue, the actor also revealed to the outlet that Gwyneth Paltrow is a big part of his skincare journey.

Brad Pitt is stepping into the skin care industry

Brad Pitt launches Le Domaine

The Bullet Train actor has recently presented his skincare brand Le Domaine. The brand is based on the concept of a ‘science-meets-nature’ line of genderless skin care products. Brad Pitt created Le Domaine in collaboration with the Perrin family, the renowned Château Beaucastel vintners. The Perrin family is also the actor’s partner in his much-loved Château Miraval Côtes de Provence Rose. Brad Pitt has been very involved with Le Domaine’s concept and development, which is based on the well-known tale of grape-based antioxidants.

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The actor revealed that Gwyneth Paltrow got him into skincare

Gwyneth Paltrow dated Brad Pitt
Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt was recently interviewed by British Vogue about the actor launching his skincare brand, Le Domaine. The Fury actor was asked about his own skin care regimen quite a few times during the interview. The 58-year-old brushed off the topic several times. The actor answered with, “I wouldn’t know how to do that unless it was a comedy.” Although the actor did not reveal much about his routine, he did say that he has a “little, simple regimen.”

The actor was also asked if he always had a good skincare routine. To this, he replied with a simple “No” after taking a long pause. During the interview, the actor brought up Gwyneth Paltrow and praised her for her wellness and lifestyle brand, Goop. The celebrity also revealed that Gwyneth Paltrow is a big part of him having skincare regimen. “In fact, come to think about it, she was probably the first one who got me to even wash my face twice a day… maybe,” the actor said. He revealed that the Iron Man actress was the first to get him into washing his face twice a day.

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Brad Pitt reveals his thoughts about the future

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

In the end, the actor was asked about the future by the interviewer. “What’s the future looking like for you?” the celebrity was asked. The Bullet Train actor replied, “the older I get the more I think about the quality of life and time expenditure, and I sure would like to point it more in this direction.” He continued, “I think after lockdown it seemed to be on a lot of people’s minds, like, how are we spending our time, why are we grinding so much, what are we dedicating our lives to? And I think that family and friends at the end of the day are all that matters.” Brad Pitt ended the interview on a positive note, claiming that friends and family matter the most to him.

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