‘This is What Real Privilege Looks Like’: Fans Outraged as Demi Moore Enters the Louvre With Her Dog Despite No Pets Policy, Endangers Countless Priceless Artifacts

American actress and best-selling author Demi Moore has always influenced many around her, she is one of the stars who’s known for her timeless beauty. However, her gentle token of love for her pet pooch had brought her criticism from the fans. The actress debuted in an opera in 1981’s General Hospital and kept working until she got her breakthrough in 1990’s Ghost, which was the highest-grossing film of that year. Though her career took a downturn from a few films that she starred in, due to being commercially unsuccessfully however she rose from that by starring in supporting roles in films like Rough Night, and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, among many others.

Demi Moore
Hollywood Actress Demi Moore

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The actress recently published a photo on Instagram along with her pet dog, Pilaf, inside the Louvre which is situated in Paris, France. However, this offended many fans because of its strict No-Animal Policy.

Demi Moore Broke The No Animal Policy, Bringing Her Pet Pilaf To Louvre Museum

Demi Moore with her pet dog
Demi Moore with her pet dog Pilaf

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Demi Moore shared an Instagram post captioning “Pilaf takes the Louvre,” alongside pictures of her visit to the Paris gallery with Pilaf, her pet dog. The 59-year-old Hollywood star was standing in front of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting along with her pet pooch and was later spotted admiring the iconic Venus de Milo sculpture. From the picture, Pilaf was seen half visible, enjoying the view from the shirt of the star. For the unversed, Louvre has a strict guideline prohibiting animals from being brought inside the building, except guide and assistance dogs.

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She was spending some of her summer holidays in Europe, which is why she made sure to visit the famous Louvre museum. It is a historic landmark in Paris that has some renowned pieces of art including the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo from the old times.

Fans Outraged By Demi Moore’s act of Bringing Her Pet Inside The Louvre Museum

Fans Outraged At Demi Moore for Breaking The No Animal Policy in Louvre
Fans Outraged At Demi Moore for Breaking The No Animal Policy in Louvre

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Though Moore had a good time with her Pilaf during the visit to Louvre Museum, many fans were outraged by the pictures that were uploaded by the Hollywood actress. They spoke against Moore’s actions and shared their opinions on the same.

Check out the tweets below.

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Moore and her dog have a strong bonding as the actress is known for taking her pet everywhere, as the duo was recently spotted attending the 2022 French Open.

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