This Is Why Nick Fury Did Not Call Captain Marvel All This While

As we all know that Avengers 4 will mark an end to MCU’s phase 3 as its gearing up to head into its next phase with characters like Captain Marvel in the limelight. All Marvel fans have waited long for the arrival of Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers in the MCU.

A recent theory by Reddit user StrikeFirst reveals about Captain Marvel’s backstory in MCU saying that,

“Let’s say Captain Marvel takes place in 1998 (we’ll find out in the movie),” StrikeFirst writes. “I would say Captain Marvel and Nick Fury get involved in all kinds of shenanigans exposing Fury to the world of Super People. She ends up leaving the earth to pursue other endeavors for lack of better wording. But before she leaves, she gives Fury the pager to contact her in case of any world-threatening issue occurs. (we can basically assume this already).”

The user starts off by explaining how Captain Marvel movie might work out. He states that Carol Danvers was the first superhero to be encountered by Nick Fury in his career. In the movie, Carol will be seen stuck amidst a war between the Skrull and the Kree and it’s possible that Nick Fury might find himself on the same boat as Carol in the film. It’s even possible that Carol and Fury had been friends since really long because after all, she was a spy and fighter pilot before she became Captain Marvel. This might come off as true keeping in mind Fury’s first encounter with Tony Stark in Iron Man 2, where he says,

“You think you’re the only superhero in the world? Mr. Stark, you’ve become part of a bigger Universe you just don’t know it yet.”

Now many might wonder why didn’t Fury contact Carol before. Well, to answer that, here’s what the Reddit user had to say:

The New York battle in Avengers can be termed as the first instance where Fury could’ve called upon Carol. The reason behind Fury not calling her could be that Fury trusted his superhero team and this can be explained by Fury’s attitude in Avengers when the government decided to nuke down New York. He even lost his calm when a missile was launched towards New York which explains his trust in the Avengers at that moment.

The events of Civil War and Sokovia were too fast to be caught up with and moreover, Avengers were already working on it. Fury also had Hulk and Thor at the time of Ultron and he hardly got any time to react to the attack back then. However, Thanos’ attack and the snap was something totally different. It was a threat to the entire universe and the entire Avengers team was somewhat scattered at the time. Here’s how:

At the time of the snap, Fury had already lost most of his allies in the war, SHIELD was destroyed by Hydra and Thor and Hulk had been away for years. Tony is not on Earth while Captain America and Black Widow were for MIA since a while. Fury didn’t even have a SHIELD infrastructure to support him and the rest of Avengers were facing Thanos and his army in Wakanda. This is why Fury felt that the time was prudent to call upon the most powerful Avenger, Captain Marvel.

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