This Russian Mad Lad Colorized These 20 Classical Hollywood Stars

A Russian artist named Olga Shirinina properly known as “Klimbim,” is famous for painting old, vintage photos and modernizing the history for us all. Being primarily dedicated by the history of her motherland; she had at times colorized the portraits of the Romanov family, and the famous personalities of the Russian Revolution, and also the heroes of the Second World War. But that’s not it. Klimbim also have keen interest in different themes of painting. This Year she’s in-to colorizing the Golden Age of Hollywood. This talented artist has painted actresses and actors of the bygone classical Hollywood era and also actors between the mid twentieth century.

#1 Elizabeth Taylor: 


#2 Lana Turner:


#3 Grace Kelly:


#4 James Dean:


#5 Greta Garbo & Robert Taylor :


#6 Marilyn Monroe :


#7 Marilyn Monroe :


#8 Marlon Brando :


# 9 Audrey Hepburn :


#10 Lauren Bacall:


#11 Audrey Hepburn :


#12 Ava Gardner:


#13 Gene Tierney:


#14 Elizabeth Taylor:


#15 Audrey Hepburn:


#16 Marilyn Monroe:


#17 Marlene Dietrich:


#18 Marilyn Monroe:


#19 Anita Ekberg:
#20 Rita Hayworth:


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