THIS Star Wars Show Will Soon Be Even More Important Than Clone Wars

One of the franchise’s most loved animated series on TV, Star Wars Rebels, has superbly dealt with the Rebellion that is steadily rising against the Empire and the cell’s ever-lasting struggle to finally attain freedom from their system.

Why is Star Wars Rebels So Important?

Everything You Need to Know About the Star Wars Rebels Series Finale from the Cast and Crew - D23
Star Wars Rebels

The series also introduced various new characters, and various plots and concepts that will be developed in the anticipated series will have some long-reaching implications for many forthcoming Star Wars tales. It also gave fans the best glimpse at what it’s actually like to be a Jedi, trying to live and survive under the Imperial reign. While there are some ardent fans who chose not to see the series, however, it’s quickly becoming an essential piece of the Star Wars media.

The events of Star Wars Rebels will have some really sizable implications for many forthcoming shows, like season 3 of The MandalorianAhsoka, and even Andor. Most of the Star Wars shows that will be going to premiere on Disney+ might feature some significant characters and plot points that were made in Star Wars Rebels initially.

Star Wars Rebels Provides An In-Depth Analysis

Rumored Star Wars Rebels Sequel Will Have The Clone Wars Animation Style
Star Wars Rebels

The stories created by that series were quite well in-depth while also helping the creators provide more depth to the tough struggle of the Rebellions against the ugly atrocities of the Empire, giving fans newer methods to the manipulation that the Force does. In a way, it helped to reveal to most Star Wars fans how petrifying Darth Vader is to all of his enemies, not letting go of any. Star Wars Rebels does not receive too much credit amongst most Star Wars fans, but we bet that the series is as well-made as Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and more significantly extremely vital to the future of the franchise.

Another main reason that Star Wars Rebels is so cardinal to the Star Wars franchise is the fact that it manages to set up the Ahsoka series. From what we (and most fans know), Ahsoka looks like it is successfully setting up a sequel to the Rebelsby trapping and hunting down Ezra and Thrawn as well. Without giving a watch to Rebels, fans will miss out on the fact how Ahsoka is tethered to most of these characters and why they are so significantly important. The series worked really hard to showcase how Ahsoka had grown up into a fighter and also explaining, what her new place in the galaxy exactly was.

The series also shows her being a mentor to more Jedi like Ezra and Kanan. Now, with Hayden Christensen has already given us a confirmation to be in AhsokaRebels will eventually become more crucial. In Star Wars Rebels, Ahsoka fights against Darth Vader and goes on to confirm the terrible truth that it’s no one but her former friend and master. This does arrive as an emotional moment, devastating Ahsoka and this very moment in the Star Wars series that could turn out to be important if an Anakin Force ghost and Ahsoka interact.

Obi-Wan Kenobi series – the presence of Star Wars Rebels is felt heavily

Obi-Wan Kenobi exclusive first-look photos from the new Disney+ series |
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A lot of development for Bo-Katan and other Mandalorians will also take place in Rebels. It featured the Darksaber, and it explains much of what Bo-Katan is currently experiencing in Disney+’s The Mandalorian. It reveals way too much about how the saber functions and the Mandalorian history and its people. If Bo-Katan and Din Djarin are heading back to that planet again, then the Rebels stories might just come into the play there too.

In Andor, it’s quite possible that Hera with her ship The Ghost could also make an appearance. At the end of the day, they are present at the Battle of Scarif and Yavin 4 base. If Cassian needed an incredible pilot, it would be quite likely that he might make a turn to Hera. Even in Obi-Wan Kenobi series, the presence of Star Wars Rebels is felt heavily. Another thing that was established in Rebels were Inquisitors, and as per the new teaser, they will play a massive role in the show.

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