This Theory Explains Why Doctor Strange’s Name Dropped In Captain America 2

The Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has been brilliant with their pre-planned plotting, focusing on every minute detail. The entire sequel to Ant-Man was based on a small moment in the original Ant-Man film when Lang went subatomic and we get to see a silhouette of Janet Van Dyne in the Quantum Realm.

But there is one moment that might have gone unnoticed: we’re talking about Doctor Strange’s name drop in Captain America: Winter Soldier. Yes, you heard it right. The name was taken at the time HYDRA was keeping a check on everyone using Zola’s Algorithm that allowed them to predict any threats in future and while Bruce Banner and Captain America were among those threats, it turns out that Doctor Strange was among those names too.

That moment gave rise to a plot to how could Stephen Strange be a threat back in the days when he wasn’t even active as Doctor Strange. The first Doctor Strange film featured him as a surgeon who meets a fatal accident, and then goes to Kamar Taj to heal himself. He spends years in the Kamar Taj and returns back after years as Doctor Strange. So many fans thought that his time in the Kamar Taj was the same when HYDRA was inspecting elements and this is how his name could’ve popped up.

But this assumption is actually wrong; at the time of Project Insight, Strange was just a popular surgeon and the reason behind his name appearing on their radar could be that Zola’s Algorithm predicted him as a potential future threat. It’s possible that HYDRA was tracking a future version of Doctor Strange where he has become the Sorcerer Supreme.

Time manipulation has already been introduced in the MCU and we believe that Avengers 4 will be a major time event, so we may even get to see Doctor Strange traveling back to the timeline of The Winter Soldier where he gets tracked by HYDRA. It might sound crazy but with Marvel, nothing could be unexpected.

All questions will be finally answered when Avengers 4 hits the theaters on May 3, 2019.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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