‘This woman has black children. So disgusting’: After Lion Head Dress Scandal, Attention Seeker Kylie Jenner Shocks Whole World With Racially Offensive Noose Inspired Necklace

Socialite Kylie Jenner is making headlines for her latest bizarre fashion sense. The internet was flabbergasted after Jenner showed up at the Schiaparelli Haute Couture show wearing a dress paired with an artificial lion’s head. And just a few hours after the show, the model was spotted wearing Givenchy’s controversial noose-inspired necklace.

Many people criticized the model for wearing the necklace and called it an offensive move. The controversial necklace is interpreted by the internet in two ways: One being a noose’s connection with racial history and the other being the self-harm angle. It’s still not clear what Kylie Jenner was trying to convey after she stepped out wearing it.

Kylie Jenner was criticized for her controversial choice of necklace

Kylie Jenner wearing Givenchy's necklace
Kylie Jenner wearing Givenchy’s necklace

During the Paris Fashion Week, Kylie Jenner decided to step out wearing Givenchy’s controversial necklace that looks like a noose. It is a part of Givenchy’s spring 2022 collection. In October 2021, the brand received backlash specifically for the necklace, and Kylie Jenner, despite knowing the consequences, decided to wear it in public.

The model also wore a dress with a lion’s head at the Schiaparelli Haute Couture show. However, her plan to garner attention failed as model Irina Shayk walked the ramp wearing the same outfit with a lion’s head.

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The model was blasted for the offensive move

Givenchy's necklace
Givenchy’s necklace

Many people on social media claimed that the necklace is offensive in many ways. A Reddit user pointed out that despite having two black children, she decided to wear the offensive necklace,

This woman has black children. This is so disgusting. It’s not ok to just say ‘she probably doesn’t know’ – she needs to know.

A lot of people said that the Kardashians need to be “educated about black history” so they stop all these controversial activities. It is still unclear what Kylie Jenner’s motives were as it is no secret that Givenchy was under scrutiny for the necklace.

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Is Kylie Jenner desperate for attention?

Kylie Jenner wearing Givenchy's necklace
Kylie Jenner wearing Givenchy’s necklace

A lot of people claim that Kylie Jenner is doing everything to garner attention. After Irina Shayk stole her spotlight by wearing the same outfit, the model obviously had to do something that gets the media’s attention. One Reddit user said, “I think she’s intentionally wearing things that will make headlines … she is doing it to be incendiary.

Even her stylist should be thorough with the history of the necklace. In October 2021, Givenchy decided to address all the hate surrounding the neckpiece by stating, “The house do not have an official response on this.” Despite the outrage, the brand decided to drop the controversial accessory.

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