Thor’s life is in a state of hazard at present in the comics, as he’s emerged as the newest Herald of Galactus as the danger of the Black Winter looms. His friends and allies have attempted to stop him, but his recent encounter with Lady Sif left his hammer in the hands of an unpredictably good familiar face – Loki.

A glimpse of Thor 4

thor and the new twist in his Stormbreaker

In Thor part 4 by Donny Cates, Nic Klein, and Matt Wilson, Thor faces a pissed-off Lady Sif after brawling Beta Ray Bill and demolishing his trusted hammer Stormbreaker. Those closest to Thor can’t process why he agreed to help Galactus and are doing all they can to separate the unlikely partnership. Sif has taken up the All-Seeing mantle and has the potential of the Bifrost. So, when Thor throws his hammer at Sif, she teleports it to the frozen wastelands of Joutnheim, where Loki’s sitting uninterested on his throne.

The Mjolnir

The enchanted Stormbreaker

Sif states to Thor that she’s sent Mjolnir to Jotunheim since none of the men can wield it there. Yet, in the wastelands, Loki spots the hammer and decides to give it a go in picking it up. Shockingly, he manages to pick it up without any problem. Seconds after he picks up Mjolnir, it’s sent back on a journey back to Thor. Cates teases a pretty considerable future storyline, as the text suggests that the unbreakable magic placed on the hammer by Odin that makes only the most worthy people able to hold it is starting to change

Is Loki genuinely worthy?

loki mjolnir movie
Is Loki worth the Mjolnir

Cates is bowing the seeds for a future Thor arc that should elaborate on how Loki of all people is capable of being worthy and wielding Mjolnir. In the ‘Inversion” arc in AXIS, Loki became the God of Heroism and Truth and was able to wield Mjolnir, but the God of Mischief holding the hammer is reasonably unheard of. That leads to the question of whether Loki is worthy, or is the spell Odin imbibed on Mjolnir starting to fade away? Is what’s supposed to be unbreakable suddenly disappearing? And so Thor continues to shake things up in unpredictable, entertaining new ways.

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