Thor Just Upgraded His Missing Arm With…

Thor may have lost his arm as part of Marvel’s War of the Realms, but he has given himself an even more powerful upgrade. Forget a replacement arm made out of magical Uru, gold, or any other enchanted metal… absolutely nothing can make Thor more powerful than the arm of an Asgardian Destroyer.

Warning: SPOILERS for War of the Realms #4

Thor has given himself a more powerful upgrade

Thor with Destroyer arm

This isn’t just a bold new fashion choice for Thor, but a choice made out of necessity–and with purpose. Thor had lost his arm in a berserker rage, battling endless hordes of Frost Giants on their homeworld of Jotunheim. While he was able to hold his own against waves of the polar enemies, the coming finale will need all the hands on deck. The God of Thunder is going to use his destroying arm to lead the fight against Malekith and his Dark Elves, kicking them all the way back to Svartalfheim.

War of the Realms #4 finds the Avengers in recruitment mode

War of the Realms #4 finds the Avengers in recruitment mode, with Thor’s mother Freyja using the Black Bifrost to grant the Avengers access across the remains of the other Nine Realms. The Avengers split up and travel in search of recruits, massing an army of those who had suffered at the hands of Malekith and his campaign across the realms. Ghost Rider recruits the spiders of Niffleheim, Blade (now officially an Avenger) recruits the Vanir Gods of Vanaheim, She-Hulk gives a riveting and compelling speech to the Dwarves of Nidavellir (Dwarves need to SMASH!), and Captain America and his team retrieve the arm-less Thor from Jotunheim.

Thor was in rough shape the last time readers saw him (and who wouldn’t be after being stranded alone to fend off countless frost giants?). But Thor won’t stand by when there is a fight to be held… especially not a fight that only the God of Thunder can lead. A weary Thor shows up as the Punisher is lending a hand to the light elves, showing them his wears (read: weapons, all the weapons). Making his way past the elves, Thor reaches for the only weapon he needs to be ready for the impending conflict: the massive spiked arm of the Destroyer, the mechanical defender of Asgard.

Thor:The destroyer

From the arm-ory, Thor grabs his new arm and considers himself ready for the battle. Declaring to the Avengers that only he will lead the fight, Thor’s badass new arm keeps anyone from speaking against him. It remains to be seen if this arm is similar to the Destroyer in appearance only, or its function as well. We can only hope that the arm will give Thor some of the automaton’s powers, truly making him a new kind of Asgardian champion: Thor the Destroyer.

Release of WAR OF REALMS#4

War of Realms #4

War of theRealms #4 is released and available now from Marvel Comics.

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Sukriti Chowdhury
Sukriti Chowdhury

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