Thor Ragnarok: 20 Tumblr Posts That Are The Funniest Of Them All

Taika Waititi directed Thor: Ragnarok came to theatres in 2017; and turned out to be a comedic showpiece from the Marvel franchise. And Tumblr took to it like ducks in a pond.

With the movie came memes, as it usually goes these days. And each one is more hilarious than the other. And some posts who are at part with the movie itself.

So we went to Tumblr and found some Thor Ragnarok posts that are as good as the movie itself.

  1. The Odd One Out

And we all thought Loki was the adopted son!

  1. Black and Green Makes Odin Nervous

Oh yippie! I have to imprison this one too. Freya is gonna kill me!

  1. The Only Competent Asgardian

This man deserves all the appreciation he gets.

  1. The King Loki

Of the Community Theatre.

  1. We’re Not Doing Get Help

We are already doing it, brother.

  1. Disappointed, But Not Surprised

What having a sibling feels like!

  1. The Real Queen of Ragnarok Is Here

The sass queenie.

  1. Plot Holes? Fixed!

Thank you for this, Waititi! So much.

  1. Grandmaster Greatness

What is going on here? I am so confused! Champion, is that you my dear?

  1. Mentally Updating The Casting List

Like every good king should. And glitters and grapes. And more wine!

  1. He Knows I Love Snakes

Aw you poor thing, Thor! He ruined those lovely creatures for you.

  1. A Friend From Work

I don’t know him. At all.

  1. We Were Robbed! Tumblr Knows!

We were. I wanted to see that.

  1. That’s For Sure

It really is rare. Ask the Australians. Taika Waititi is an absolute gem of a human.

  1. Scripted Shcripted

Thor: Ragnarok original script had some good bits, and Tumblr got to it!

  1. There Are Two Of Us?

Meet my brother, the brick! Meet our sister, she’s just having a bad hair day! Just give her a minute.

  1. On A Scale Of

So where do you fall? Personally, we would just like to skip on that altogether!

  1. Kombucha Is One Of The Greatest Actor To Have Ever Lived In Atlanta

Taika Waititi commentaries are an absolute riot! We need so much more of these.

  1. This Completely Changes How I Look At The Scene From Now On

Well… people aren’t sad about his death anymore, that’s for sure. They are just angry!

Swagata Das
Swagata Das

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