Various Marvel comics have fun with alternate realities and timelines, giving fans different versions of the same characters. But very few issues have been as inventive and creative as the X-Men series, Exile that shows the team of heroes hopping through multiple realities to protect the very existence.

The latest version of the series by writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Javier Rodriguez has taken characters from all over Marvel Universe. The series also introduces a version of Valkyrie that seems highly inspired by Tessa Thompson’s version of the character from Thor: Ragnarok.

However, the character was almost replaced with the daughter of Thor and Storm in the initial stage, something that Marvel has flirted since years. But this time it could have been her own character worthy of wielding the mighty Mjolner. And her name would have been Thunderstorm.

In the series, Nick Fury, who goes by the name Unseen, brings together a team of heroes to protect the Multiverse with Age of Apocalypse survivor Blink leading the team. The team almost had Thunderstorm, as she was in the draft of the first issue before the creators decided to add Valkyrie to the series instead.

Rodriguez even submitted a cover of the first issue that featured Thunderstorm in the team. This shows that the creative team had actually gone pretty far into the process of bringing in Thunderstorm before they decided to swap her with Valkyrie.

So far, fans have reacted positively to the tweets of Ahmed and Rodriguez, so there is a strong possibility that she might show up at a given point.

Exiles #9 will hit the stores on October 10th.

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