Tim Burton Wants Johnny Depp For Gomez Addams And Twitter Is All For It!

Tim Burton, who is working on a Netflix adaptation for The Addams Family has some thoughts to share. His close friend, and an actor with whom he has worked closely on several occasions is being considered for a prominent role for the show, and the audience seems just as excited.

Yes, you probably have guessed it by now. Tim Burton is looking at Johnny Depp for the iconic role of Gomez Addams for the upcoming Netflix adaptation. And he would fit the role quite well, to be honest.

The story of The Addams Family, a family of fiction created by American illustrator Charles Addams in 1938, has had various screen iterations throughout the years. It includes two TV shows; a film, featuring Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston and Christopher Lloyd; and most recent one being an animated film from MGM with the sequel dropping in 2021.

The Netflix Addams Family:

But now that even Netflix is in the running with a live action TV show in the process, things have taken another turn.  Given that Tim Burton has been appointed as the director for this TV series, he could easily cast his dear friend in any role he pleases.

Some have raised questions about the rumored casting, as Gomez Addams is a Latin man, but apparently Burton thinks that Depp would “do the role justice.”

A source speaking to the media has said that “it’s full steam ahead on Netflix’s The Addams Family.” Fans are largely quite excited, both about the prospect of having a live action TV show, as well as the fact that Johnny Depp might be helming the role of Gomez Addams in it.

The source speaks about Tim Burton’s wish to cast the actor, saying – “Tim Burton wants Johnny Depp to play Gomez Addams. He thinks he would do the role justice.”

But at the same time, another source has been found to say that the final call on the casting would be of Netflix’s.  They “are the ones who have to be convinced”, said the source when asked about whether Depp would really be cast for the role or not, regardless of the director’s wishes.

Twitter Reaction:

Many fans on Twitter have spoken up about the alleged rumors, and most seem to be quite happy with the choice. Many on the social media platform are begging the streaming channel to listen to their please as well as the director’s wish, and cast the Pirates of the Caribbean actor for the upcoming role.


After losing the libel case in the UK court against The Sun, Depp was asked by Warner Bros. to step down from the role of Grindelwald – the main antagonist from the Fantastic Beast franchise. The actor posted a short message, along with his confirmation that he was indeed stepping back asper the company’s wish.

Since his departure, the role has been passed on to Mads Mikkelsen of Hannibal fame. Many fans have expressed their annoyance at Warner Bros. for having replaced Depp and are claiming they would boycott the next film.

Most are even upset about the fact that the company seems to be biased, and even though Depp was asked to step down, no action has been taken against his former spouse – Amber Heard, who is also currently employed by the Warner Bros. company with her role of Mera in the Aquaman franchise.

Whether Netflix adheres to Tim Burton’s wishes or not, would be an interesting set of events. For now rumors have also been making rounds that Eva Green is supposedly being cast as Morticia Addams, and many fans are eager to see how the Depp-Green pairing would be like.

We think it would be a really good choice, but for now, let’s wait for Netflix and the official channels to make some official statements.

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