The debate of “will-they-won’t-they” has come to a halt now. Batman is going to be on Titans this season, in full cape and cowl and the first footage of him has finally arrived.

After the release of the 10th episode of Titans season one on Friday, DC released a trailer for the upcoming season finale which will air next week. The trailer is about a showdown between Dick Grayson and Batman, which makes sense given the storyline. However, no one expected to see Batman in live-action.

But he’s there, punching bad guys in full uniform. There’s no more wondering when Titans will show the Batman. He’s no longer the mysterious guy in the shadows. Batman is on DC Universe.

This tracks how Dick’s journey has unfolded over the season. Having being Robin previously, he makes it clear enough that he doesn’t agree with Batman’s methods. Their different ideologies caused Dick to leave in the first place.

It’s safe to say that no one thought that this would happen on DC Universe, especially this early in the series. Batman is undeniably one of the most popular heroes in the world, which has caused DC to be very cautious about where and how they should use him. He has been referenced earlier in Titans but it’s a surprise to him in costume.

Now, the next big question is who has DC hired to play Batman in the show? Stay tuned for more updates.

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