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Titans Season 2 Premiere Brought Out A Charming And Smart Bruce Wayne

Its all anyone wants honestly.

WARNING:  Spoilers ahead for Titans season 2 premiere, “Trigon”, streaming now on DC Universe. 

Batman has been looming large over the Titans since season one itself. This is inspite of the fact that he appeared only in the finale in a nightmare vision when he went on a murder spree. Fans will know that it was he who took in an orphaned Dick Grayson and made him into a crime fighter. But it just made him flee Gotham for Detroit. Later on, Dick came to know that he had taken in a new child- Jason Todd to continue his crusade on crime. So it’s really clear why Dick declared, “Fuck Batman!”. But when Bruce finally shows up, it’s certainly not the monster we have been hearing about. But he is also like no other Batman we have seen onscreen.

Dick Grayson Returns To Batman In Titans Season 2 Premiere

Dick Grayson goes to meet batman and say all that was left to be said. Pic courtesy:
Dick Grayson goes to meet batman and say all that was left to be said. Pic courtesy:

Titans‘s Bruce Wayne is played by Iain Glenn of Game of Thrones fame. But this older Bruce Wayne isn’t the cynical world – weary vigilante of The Dark Knight Returns or Batman Beyond. While Dick is filled with butterflies over the thoughts of this reunion, Bruce is actually looking forward to it.

In the Wayne Manor; Bruce is warm, funny and gracious while greeting Dick. Dick has come to explain himself and to forge an understanding. If not want for forgiveness. Bruce allows him to do just that. Dick explains that:

“There was this darkness inside me and I didn’t know what to do with it. It hurt me. And I hurt others. The whole time I thought it was because of the way you raised me, the way you weaponized my childhood. Point is, I blamed you for a lot of things that may or may not have been your fault.”

Bruce questions if Dick is back there to render his verdict, but Dick denies it. He says that:

“No, it doesn’t matter anymore, the why or how. I only know you did what you knew, what you thought  was best for me. The training…everything. You only did it so I would focus on something other than being angry and sad about what happened to my parents.”

Ian Glenn’s Batman Stays True To The Pillars Of Batman

Ian Glenn brings a lot of batman's traits to life. Pic courtesy:
Ian Glenn brings a lot of batman’s traits to life. Pic courtesy:

Overall, Batman here is self effacing. But he’s still a strategist who stays several steps ahead of both his friends and enemies. He laments about Dick’s absence and says that Jason has some rough edges which need sanding. It feels like a trap and it sure is. Bruce adds that if Dick needs anything, then to just let him know. Dick says that he wants to re-form the Titans but needs something more than Bruce’s blessings for it- he needs his money. Bruce agrees on one condition which becomes clear when we see the Golden Gate bridge in the next scene. We hear Jason say, “It’s not a demotion, per se. More like a temporary relocation.

What can we say except; well done Master Wayne.

Titans Season 2 is now streaming on the DC Universe.

Is Batman miscast in Titans? Click on the video below to form an opinion of yours:

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