Titans Season 3 Has Found Its New Robin

Jay Lycurgo, who will appear in the upcoming Matt Reeves film The Batman in 2022, will bring some fun and hope to the battle injured Titans team. Jay Lycurgo also appeared in a guest role in the HBO series I May Destroy You.

Early statements suggest that Titans season 3 will continue to play upon the new energy. The show in season 2 after a heated reception to the show’s first season.

TITANS adds another Robin, casts Jay Lycurgo as Tim Drake - The Beat

“Titans” is adding a Jay Lycurgo as Robin for its upcoming third season

In November 2019, DC Universe officially announced that the Titans series is renewed for a third season.  It’s release was delayed due to the pandemic emergency, which didn’t let the production take place according to their filming schedule. Compared to previous seasons, this third will be streamed directly from HBO Max. It has acquired all the series from DC Universe (converted to a comic book platform). It will thus continue to stream them on its platform.

Following the casting of Barbara Gordon, they have announced the actor who will play Tim Drake, who in the DC comics becomes the third Robin. Jay Lycurgo will also have a role in Matt Reeves’ The Batman (plays one of the criminals with the painted face trying to intimidate the Dark Knight)

Here’s how Warner Bros. describes the character:

A wise boy managed to grow up in the most challenging streets without losing his indelible faith in heroism. He has a casual demeanor and an almost brilliant mind. He’s a natural detective with a perception of detail that goes well beyond his age. Fans of the “Batman” comics will remember that Drake served with Batman as the third Robin.

Jay Lycurgo Joins Titans Season 3 as Tim Drake

The Tim Drake Version of Robin

Additionally, “Titans” adds Dr. Jonathan Crane, who identifies best by his villainous alter ego, Scarecrow. He provokes his enemies with a fear-based toxin. In “Titans,” he is now a convict in Arkham Asylum and volunteers as a profiler and consultant for the Gotham City Police Department.

“Titans” moves over to HBO Max for its forthcoming third season following DC Universe’s decision to get out of creating original content. It joins fellow relocated DC Universe series, “Doom Patrol,” which is also going into its third season.

Although this is the first time a POC has played one of the Robins, it almost occurred once before. Scary Movie’s Marlon Wayans was cast initially as Robin for Batman Returns. Director Tim Burton saw that film was already flooding with characters, so he cut his part before shooting. Wayons received $100,000 for the role and never even threw one Batarang. The amount would eventually go to Chris O’Donnell in Batman Forever.

Filming is currently underway on season three. It seems to last until at least mid-June, barring any more pandemic-related delays. It means the new season could premiere exclusively on HBO Max before the end of 2021.

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