Titans Tower Was Probably Not What DC Fans Were Expecting

The information regarding the appearance of Titan Tower in Titans Season 2 was enough to make DC fans eager for the upcoming season. The renowned, T-shaped building that serves as the headquarters for the team is famous across the comics as well as the animated series, which makes its live-action debut all the more exciting. It would undoubtedly be a pivotal reveal for the superhero adaptation. After its location is revealed in the closing scenes of Season 2, it may have turned out to be not really what fans were expecting. 


History Of Titans Tower


The Titans Tower was the home base of the young superheroes, with several facilities that would cater to their training needs.

The Titans Tower debuted in 1980, in DC Comics Presents #26, which Dr Silas Stone, Cyborg’s father, built. It was located on an island in New York City’s East River and was shaped like a T. The building was equipped with computer labs, gymnasiums, infirmary, aircraft hangers as well as a submarine, which can be operated using the tunnel access to the river. 


Titans Tower In Titans Season 2

The Tower that was featured in Titans is also located in San Francisco. However, it isn’t off the coast, and neither is it T-shaped. It’s made with a sleek design and provides the look of any other regular skyscraper in the city. It’s probable that Titans Tower doesn’t occupy the entire building, rather is just the area in the dark horizontal band that seems to span at least three floors. 


Season 2 Sneak Peek Inside Titan Tower


The final scenes of Season 2 provided certain glimpses into the facilities inside the Tower, as the Titans entered the building

In the ending of Season 2 premiere, the audience is given a partial tour of the facilities inside the Tower, as Dick enters the room with Rachel, Garfield and Jason. The audience could also see Bashi, Gar and Jason happily running around the floor, going from the vast living room to the training area, and then the conference room. Only then does Gar halt in his tracks when he realized where they’ve arrived – Titans Tower. 


Watch the trailer for Titans Season 2 here:

Source: Cbr, Comicbook

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