Titans Unveils New Look at Aqualad Ahead of Next Week’s Big Reveal

The Villain’s master plan has been revealed In the latest episode of Titans finally. As Deathstroke makes his attack after Doctor Lights lays a trap. For the revived heroes, these actions could have great repercussions. Fans are probably remembering a flashback in the next episode, Aqualad and they are not interested to find the plans are going on. On the DC Universe app, the fourth episode will be released on next friday. It will be revealed a new image of the Titan member with Donna Troy AKA, the wonder girl who would be hiding in the background. 

So, Drew Van Acker will play the role of Aqualad in next episode of Titans.


Aqualad might be a new character in Titans 2


Titans Unveils New Look at Aqualad Ahead of Next Week's Big Reveal1
Fans will watch him on screen or not?


Actually the season 2 of Titans will be a preview of the new character, Aqualad which is a great interest of fans and has to appear on screen yet. But the series has cleared something sad that there are a few absurd circumstances surrounding his absence. In the last episode, when for the first time Donna troy returns to Titan Tower, situated in San Francisco and she mentioned that there were ghosts in that building, since the team which was original, disbanded. 


Last run because of Deathstroke


Fans are awaiting to see the new look at Aqualad
Fans are awaiting to see the new look at Aqualad


On the other hand, Hawk and Dove both mentioned that they were not really comfortable for returning to their old base. There would be a chance of not becoming superheroes again. As because what Deathstroke had done to them in the previous time. When they didn’t catch up with the details, they found that Deathstroke was not dead actually like they thought it before too and that his daughter Rose Wilson hid herself in the tower doing with them because Deathstroke might be coming to look for her. Considering it as their last run with the deadly mercenary regarding this circumstance.


Didn’t you catch the trailer of Titans season 2?


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