To Celebrate Legion of Super-Heroes’ Return DC is Producing Flight Rings

After days of teasing fans online, Brian Michael Bendis has finally revealed his next DC project: Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium, a two-issue limited series illustrated by many of DC’s superstar artists, which will lead directly into a new ongoing series by Brian Michael Bendis and Ryan Sook.

Next DC Project:Legion of Super-Heroes:Millennium revealed

Legion of Super Heroes

The return of the fan-favorite super-team from the future is one that the fans have been waiting a long time for — something that Bendis is well aware of now. In fact, on Twitter, he has teased DC’s plans for the Legion’s return, revealing that the publisher is currently producing a new crop of Legion Of Super-Heroes Flight Ring replicas.

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“Psst! Y’all know we’re getting new Legion Of Super-Heroes Flight Rings too, right?” Bendis said when a fan showed he was dusting off his old Legion Flight ring. “Already designed and in production! I would not have teased this this hard unless we are bringing aaaaaall the thunder!”

While it’s possible Bendis is talking about a high-end collectible, it’s more likely that the Flight Rings currently in production will be plastic recreations given away at the local comic book shops to celebrate the Legion’s return.

DC has often created free collectibles for customers

DC has often produced free collectibles to tie into a big comic release: the Blackest Night event famously saw the release of all multi-colored plastic Lantern rings; Doomsday Clock #1 came with a Watchmen-inspired button; and the Dark Nights: Metal event brought collectible pins for all of the evil Dark Knights.


Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1 lands in stores on Wednesday, Sept. 18. Issue #2 arrives in October.

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