To Sony’s Upcoming PlayStation 5, Microsoft Announces PlayStation 6

Huge waves were made by Sony when their chief Architect Mike Cerny gave a first look at all specs for the next gen successor to PlayStation 4. This made them the first to reveal anything for the upcoming round in this war of consoles. But the excitement all vanished today as in a shocking blow to the plans of Sony for the forthcoming PlayStation 5, Microsoft announced its yet new console: PlayStation 6.

So if you’re someone with a job at Sony, I’m sure you’re not happy about this.

Micorsoft PlayStation 6 Will Have Tenth-Gen Graphics

PlayStation 6 announced by Microsoft
PlayStation 6 announced by Microsoft

PlayStation 4 still enjoys a fantastic fan base and as far as now, it holds the most massive market share for consoles. It was more successful than Switch and Xbox One combined. This means that for Microsoft to scoop Sony on next gen PlayStation May be a big setback. PlayStation 6 will have a tenth generation graphics and a performance that an impressive ninth generation PS5 will never be able to match. However, Microsoft has also positioned to capitalise on the 90-million user base of the PlayStation Network.

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PlayStation 6 will be upending Sony’s former dominance in the department of consoles and software, enabling Microsoft access to a wide array of PlayStation, for instance God of War and Uncharted. If this wasn’t a huge enough slap to Sony, it revealed during announcement that PlayStation 6 will be compatible backwards with all games, including those of PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 6 Is Superior TO PS5

PlayStation 6 by Microsoft
PlayStation 6 by Microsoft

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It remains to be seen how Sony reacts to this and while Sony fans are already insisting that PlayStation 5 will be better than the PlayStation 6. However, that’s a tough pill to swallow as PlayStation 6 is superior to its predecessor in every technological sense without any exclusive games. This means that after losing out on next gen of PlayStations, Sony may finally have been dethroned from its top place at the console market.

Source:The Onion, Technobuzz

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