“To this day, I’m still mortified”: Chris Evans Ghosted Jana Kramer After One Horrifying Bathroom Incident as ‘One Tree Hill’ Star Claims The Sexiest Man Alive is a Great Kisser

Jana Kramer talks about how an asparagus pee turned off the Sexiest Man Alive. One Tree Hill actress Jana Kramer claims that she had once dated the Sexiest Man Alive, Chris Evans over a decade ago. She described the embarrassing incident on Whine Down with Jana Kramer’s podcast Sunday episode. The Captain America star once invited the singer for a night stay at his California house.

Jana Kramer and Chris Evans

The same night, she had asparagus for dinner and went to the bathroom to pee. Just after she came out, Evans went to use the bathroom. That night she slept before him and didn’t hear anything after that from him. The singer claims that she was embarrassed about her asparagus pee. That’s the last interaction they ever had after that. Though the pair didn’t hook up that night, the One Tree Hill star claims that the Gray Man star is a great kisser and is super sexy.

In the podcast Whine Down with Jana Kramer, she shared how last year she slid into his DMs when she got to know that the Captain America star was looking out for love. The singer didn’t tell anything about whether she got a response or not from the other side. She also shared some very personal stuff in the podcast.

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Chris Evans and Alba Baptista are serious about their relationship

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista

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It’s been over a year since Chris Evans and Alba Baptista have been dating. A source revealed to People magazine that Chris Evans is serious about the 25 years old actress Alba Baptista. the source claimed,” they are in love and Chris Evan has never been happier. His family and friends  all adore her.”

Well! Alba Baptista is an actress who was starred in Netflix’s Warrior Nun. Though the couple is not officially out, they follow each other on Instagram. Fans can see the bond being evolved between them. The fans spotted Evan’s post of pumpkin on Baptista’s mother’s Instagram profile too. In an interview, the Captain America star talks about his needs in life. He says,” That’s absolutely something I want: a wife, kids, building a family.” He didn’t mention the Warrior Nun star name for the above but she is the lady he is dating right now. and  Maybe they end up being a good couple. Let’s see how their love life turns out to be.

Jana Kramer’s relationship status

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer
Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer

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Apart from the One Tree Hill actress dating the Sexiest Man Alive, she has got a long list of ex-lovers. The singer has been married 3 times. Unfortunately, none of them lasted. Recently she has been divorced after dating for six years. The former NFL player Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer were divorced in 2021. They announced their splitting up via Instagram.

Her first husband was Michael Gambino. He was 17 years senior to her. The singer met him when she was merely 19 years old. After dating each other for a couple of weeks they got married. But, that turned into a massive abusive relationship. Michael Gambino was imprisoned for six years on charges of attempting murder. After his release from prison, he committed suicide.

Jana Kramer has also dated Scott Eastwood, Brantley Gilbert, Johnathon Schaech, and Ace Amerson. Though it was never confirmed that Ace Amerson and the singer have actually ever dated. The singer is not so lucky in terms of love. However life is very unpredictable, so we never know what’s going to come next.

Source: Page Six

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