Tom Brady Seemingly Sends a Bold Message After Gisele Bündchen “Shows Off” Her New Dating Life With Jiu-Jitsu Instructor to Make Brady Jealous

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady got officially divorced after 13 years of marriage. It’s only been a couple of weeks but the battle of ego has already begun. When a celebrity couple splits, usually a competition ensues about who is going to win the breakup, who gets their sh*t together first, and who gets the first chance to make the other one jealous. And it looks like, the Brazilian supermodel is taking that challenge hands-on. Post her divorce, she is vacationing in Costa Rica and has already been spotted with a new man.

Is Gisele Bundchen trying to make Tom Brady jealous?

Gisele Bundchen with Jujutsu expert Joaquim Valente at Costa Rica
Gisele Bundchen with Jiujitsu expert Joaquim Valente at Costa Rica

Gisele Bundchen has been enjoying a seemingly relaxing vacation with her kids in Costa Rica, ever since she divorced Tom Brady. And rumors are rife that there is already a new man in her life. She has been openly seen hanging out with her jiu-jitsu trainer, Joaquim Valente. They have been spotted taking walks on the beach and even having dinner with the kids and one of Valente’s friends. According to what a source told Page Six, 

“It certainly looks like Gisele is showing off – and showing Tom what he’s missing. All indications are that Gisele is sending Tom a message.”

The most likely scenario here seems that Bundchen is just trying to make her ex-husband jealous. Her motive appears to convey to Brady, “Look what you’re missing.” However, it cannot be ignored that the former Victoria’s Secret angel has also known Valente for over a year now. The two had even done a photoshoot for Dust magazine, and Valente had trained her as well. Only time will tell what the Miami-based coach was doing in Costa Rica vacationing with his supermodel pupil.

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Tom Brady’s vengeance

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Meanwhile, the 7-time Super Bowl winner is not one to ignore hints, and he has used social media to express change. Brady has changed his Twitter header and fans speculate that divorce is the reason, as the previous header picture had his ex-wife in it as well.

However, the previous header was not just a picture of the former NFL power couple, but a family photo with Brady, Bundchen, and the kids looking at the sea with their backs facing the camera, and their arms around each other’s shoulders.

Tom Brady during Germany game
Tom Brady is focusing on himself

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The new header is a picture of the quarterback himself in his Tampa Bay Buccaneers kit.

This change could also be symbolic of how after the divorce he is left all alone with even the kids vacationing with their mother in a place he himself used to visit often with Bundchen when things were hunky dory between the two. And now his family is away having dinners with another man. It’s gotta sting!

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 Source: Marca

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