Tom Hardy’s Bane: Hidden Facts About That Make The Character Even More Special

Tom Hardy’s Bane was an iconic character. With the new Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson, there are more comparisons of the film with Christopher Nolan’s trilogy which will be regarded as the best for years. Tom Hardy’s Bane (the villain in general) is one of the strongest enemies Bruce Wayne has faced.

So when Nolan decided to bring Bane to the big screen, he had an image to live up to thanks to Heath’s stellar performance as Joker. Nolan was in search of a perfect actor. Bane in comics is portrayed as a huge superhuman and it wasn’t possible for him to do that so he went with someone who was bulky enough. And that’s where Tom Hardy came into the part. Tom Hardy’s Bane will never be forgotten and is here to stay for a long time. But here are some facts about Tom Hardy’s Bane that will leave you stunned!

1. Tom Had To Wear Heels!

Dark Knight's Bane
The Dark Knight Rises

Tom Hardy is sure tall but not tall enough! He is 5’9 but was looked shorter compared to the rest of the cast. When Tom Hardy’s Bane stood next to Batman, he sure did look short and it was a problem. Bane is much larger in the comics and Nolan didn’t want to use CGI for his legs (would have been really weird). So they came up with the idea of heels, of course, they aren’t the traditional heels but lifts. And in scenes when he wasn’t alone, Nolan used camera angles to make him look bigger.

2. Tom Hardy’s Bane Had The Voice Redone

Tom Hardy's Bane
The Dark Knight Rises

When the trailer came out of The Dark Knight Rises, fans were shattered listening to how Bane sounded. They found it awful since many couldn’t even understand it. Few wanted subtitles to know what he was saying. Nolan took notes about these and decided to redo Bane’s voice to what we know today. Many fans think it’s still not the best voice, but hey, it’s much better than the one in the trailer!

3. They Had To Cover Up His Tattoos!

Tom Hardy's Bane
The Dark Knight Rises

Tom Hardy has many tattoos but in the film, they had to make them disappear. They had to make sure that it was true to comics. And in many scenes, Bane was just in a military vest with his arms fully visible. So instead of putting a lot of makeup on them, Nolan decided to remove them digitally!

4. Tom Had No Time To Read The Script!

Tom Hardy's Bane
The Dark knight rises

Tom Hardy is a Batman fan so when he got the opportunity to play Bane and work with Nolan, he just took up the role without even reading the script! And then when he was supposed to read it, he was busy bulking up at the gym! Tom Hardy wanted to make sure he resembled Bane and that interested him more than reading the script!

5. Tom Improvised Few Scenes!

Tom Hardy's Bane
The Dark Knight Rises

True Batman fans know about the unscripted scenes that made to the Dark Knight series! Especially the one where Joker was blowing up the episode with a remote device and was not successful in a few attempts. But Heath Ledger decided to finish the scene and keep it in character and it ended up in the final cut.

The Dark Knight Rises too had such scenes. When Bane shows his face for the first time in light on the football field, he walks out during the Star-Spangled Banner playing.  He says “what a beautiful voice”. This was actually improvised by Tom and the director decide to keep it since it added fear to Bane. And there’s no surprise to the fact that Tom didn’t read the script and had probably improvised the lines!

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