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“Tom Holland Is A Problem,” Says Winter Soldier’s Sebastian Stan (Video)

All Marvel actors have a knack for picking on his or her co-star on various occasions. On Thursday, Sebastian Stan who reprises Bucky Barnes in the franchise took a crack at one of his colleagues at Marvel, Tom Holland.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Stan was asked which star did he like working with the least. After smiling, Stan went for Holland.

“Oh dear god, you know the man. I mean Tom Holland is a problem,” he replied. “That was the other thing, I didn’t have to wear a Spider-Man suit tonight.”

Kimmel laughed it out and asked him if “Tom is the nicest kid in the world”, as everyone who has met him seems to love him. However, that didn’t stop Stan from taking a dig at the actor.

“Yeah, he keeps adding in a lot of hair gel to make up for things,”

Stan joked.

Stan is known for being a light-hearted actor who always has a good time on the set, making people laugh. This was in full effect when Stan put on the Winter Soldier arm for the first time on the set. Stan made robotic sounds thereafter and went about picking random objects on the set.

“I did not do the robot,” Stan said. “I was just more like going around like grabbing things left and right, making sound effects and I think they were always like telling me ‘you know you don’t have to do those sound effects when you do the punches’ but [I] couldn’t help it.”

Avengers 4 will release on May 3.

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