Tom Holland, Zendaya Become $45M Rich Hollywood Power Couple in Coffee Date, Fans Convinced They are the New Brangelina

From being co-workers to friends and then lovers, Tom Holland and Zendaya have been the most relatable couple for the GenZs. Busy with their own endeavors and yet finding time to be with each other, Holland and Zendaya have drowned us with their cuteness. Touchwood, their relationship lasts a lifetime; the pair have started becoming the new official power couple of Hollywood.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Tom Holland and Zendaya

Spotted together leaving a coffee shop, holding hands, Tom Holland and Zendaya are making headlines. Although the two have desperately tried to keep their relationship subtle, netizens simply spilled the beans, for they were too excited for the pair to be just friends. Guess what, the GenZ power couple of Hollywood is giving out late 2000s Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie energy to the fans. 

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Tom Holland And Zendaya Were Spotted On A Coffee Date

After constant rumors of the Spiderman: Far From Home actors Tom Holland and Zendaya dating each other, the couple was finally spotted in public holding hands. Previously, Pop Hive claimed the couple was “reportedly engaged”, through their Twitter post. Zendaya’s mother subtly reacted to the gossip by posting an Instagram story mentioning the definition of “clickbait”. Fans were sure it was directed toward Pop Hive, however, they were more interested in learning that Holland and Zendaya’s relationship was “serious and permanent”. 

Zendaya and Tom Holland’s cozy date

Recently, after the engagement rumors subsided, Zendaya paid a visit to Tom Holland and his loved ones in Britain. Crossing oceans, Zendaya was spotted in the UK with Nikki and Dominic Holland, strolling leisurely. Further, the actress was spotted with Tom Holland outside a coffee shop in London. The two were having a cozy time, holding hands during their coffee date on Wednesday afternoon. The pair were dressed causally and were found smiling during their daytime outing. 

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Tom Holland And Zendaya Become GenZs’ Brangelina

Tom Holland and Zendaya came close after their movie Spiderman: Homecoming in 2017. However, the chemistry that the two had prior to their movie, is hard to overlook. After denying dating rumors for years and trying to keep their relationship lowkey, the two were first spotted kissing in a car and thus began their official dating period. 

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Tomdaya becomes GenZs’ Brangelina

Tom Holland and Zendaya’s cute gestures towards each other and being best pals is something that made their fans obsessed with their relationship. From appreciating each other through social media to supporting each other in real life, the GenZ couple became fans’ favorite. 

To people’s surprise, Holland and Zendaya are shipped by their fans as Tomdaya. Even more surprising is, Tomdaya is considered GenZs’ Brangelina. 

People from all around the world are totally obsessed with Tomdaya’s relationship. Thus, people have taken to Twitter to call Tomdaya the power couple of the modern era. 

Just like Brangelina had been the millennials’ power couple, Tomdaya is shipped as GenZs’ power couple. Failing to find commitment and seriousness in modern relationships, fans are holding their breath over the Spiderman: No Way Home stars. 

Being a Tomdaya stan, people are putting their high hopes on the couple and wish for them to stay together forever and never break up. 

Brangelina’s eventual bad blood led to a messed up divorce, but we hope Tomdaya never goes through such a terrible separation. In fact, we wish GenZs’ power couple Tom Holland and Zendaya all the very best.

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