Tom Willing wished Bruce Wayne was in Smallville

Smallville pathed the route for what the Arrowverse has progressed toward becoming, and it settled on aggressive decisions for now is the right time. Indeed, even today, fans return to the show and leave astonished by its character decisions, yet there were things even Smallville couldn’t deal with. All things considered, the Superman retelling never figured out how to invite Batman into its overlap, and that is something star Tom Welling says he will consistently lament.


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As of late, the star of Smallville showed up at Fan Expo Canada, and it was there he talked with fans about his days as Clark Kent. At a certain point, Welling was asked what he wished the show had done a form of, and he rushed to state Bruce Wayne bested that rundown.


“I can reveal to you what I wish we would have seen, was some adaptation of a Bruce Wayne that fit in with what we were doing. I imagine that would have been cool,” the entertainer said.


Obviously, it is straightforward Welling’s enthusiasm for the character. Bruce is a symbol in the DC Universe on account of his work in Gotham. Batman is frequently proclaimed as the brand’s most conspicuous legend by Superman, so it would bode well for them to meet. Yet, at last, Smallville found some conclusion while never acquainting Bruce with Clark.


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All things considered, that does not mean Welling is finished with the DC Universe or Batman. Fans started revitalizing around the Arrowverse to give Welling a Superman appearance in a future hybrid, and the entertainer has separately shown enthusiasm for fitting up once more… as Batman for a change.


“Better believe it, I do like Batman and I think there is some space to develop there,” Welling told co-star Michael Rosenbaum during an ongoing visit on Inside of You.

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Until further notice, there’s no word such a gig is not too far off for Welling, yet fans are keeping their fingers crossed. With the Arrowverse set to make a big appearance its Crisis on Infinite Earths hybrid this year, the sky is the limit for the DC TV Universe and the most distant Smallville appearances.

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