Tommy Wiseau & Greg Sestero Recreate A Famous ‘Dark Knight’ Scene

The Room Star Greg Sestero and director Tommy Wiseau reunited recently for The Dark Knight parody produced by The Nerdist. The parody will hilariously recreate the famed scene between Christian Bale’s Batman and Ledger’s Joker.

Wiseau has earlier teamed up with Nerdist for his Joker audition tape after the filmmaker mentioned that he’s interested in portraying Joker on the big screen. His campaign caught the attention on social media, as one YouTuber even edited him into the real Dark Knight scenes as Joker.

However, Todd Phillips went for three-time Academy Award nominee Joaquin Phoenix for the role, prompting Wiseau to instruct Phillips to direct message him on social media.

While talking to, Wiseau admitted that he might not be suitable for the role because of his recent volatile and emotional performances.

“I can’t play the Joker, they wanted to do another one,” Wiseau said. “Because I don’t want to say negative [things] about actors, but I go by emotion. Meaning that my background as a stage actor, getting into the emotion, what you can feel through The Room as well, all the progress for what I did. Sometimes they don’t let me, they say ‘too much emotion.”

He later added that he could “definitely” play The Joker, thinking that “he could do a job.”

“I mean, I’m into it, very much so. So we see if Hollywood gives me a chance, and they’re respectful,” Wiseau said. “So if they don’t give me [a] chance, maybe another character would somebody pitch to me, to Greg, whatever.”

Phoenix’s Joker is being currently filmed as an offshoot to the mainstream DC Films Universe. Warner Bros. will be launching its “Elseworlds” line of projects set outside the main continuity of the DCEU, allowing different actors to step into pre-existing roles.

Joker hits the theatres on October 4, 2019.

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