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Top 10 DC Love Stories

DC Romance Comics


It’s time to share the classic tales of superpowered romance with your special someone. Snuggle up to Animated Times top 10 DC Love Stories.

10. Batwoman and Maggie Sawyer

Pic from Batwoman Vol 2 #23, 2013

Surely after Batwoman and Maggie Sawyer get engage Batwoman and Jackson self with the fear toxin to understand what Maggie been through, and prove her love to her France, Maggie hold Kate a 12+ hour devastating nightmares and when Kate wakes up, she so overcomes with love, she proposes all over again.

9. Blue Beetle and Traci Thirteen

Blue Beetle Vol.8 #16, 2007 Still

Blue Beetle charms her with the superhero moves and helps her rescue a kidnapped baby. But Beetle isn’t quite confident enough to see the deal, so Traci takes the initiative and shows him what a real woman’s made of.

8. Wonder Woman and Batman

DC Love Stories of Batman and Wonder Woman

The time comes with Wonder Woman and Batman to define their relationship, Wonder Woman uses a machine to see the various possible outcomes of an unfair with the Batman. Ultimately she decides a romance with the bad boy of Gotham, isn’t wise. But not before a week to see the colorful fantasies of her life they could have been.

7. Donna Troy and Terry Long

Love Story in 'Tales of the Teen Titans' DC Comics

The perfect wedding in the history of comics, the union of Donna Troy and Terry Long.  From a flowest outdoor ceremony to a rockest reception to a surprise appearance from Wondergirl’s mother the entire fair goes off without a hitch, and considering everything that could go wrong at a superheroes wedding, that is no small miracle.

6. Wally West and Linda Park

The Flash Vol.2, #100, 1995 Love Story

Wally West is suspected dead and Linda Park is about to be murdered, but the power of Linda’s love channels Wally out of the speed force allowing the Flash, to defeat Cobra, and share a perfectly timed lightning struck kiss with his one true love making it into the list of DC Love Stories.

 5. Elongated Man and Sue Dibny

Identity Crisis #1, 20014 DC Comic Still

A story of one elongated man first met his wife at a star-studded party, where she only had eyes for him, not even the heart shrubs of the Justice League could distract her attention. It’s a bittersweet story considering what happens later, but it proves that even the underdogs get the girl.

4. Harley Quinn and The Joker

DC Love Story of Quinn and the Joker

In mad love psychiatrist, Harleen falls so in love with the Joker, that when Batman holds him in the Arkham asylum brozzed and beaten she buss Mister J out as her new alter ego, Harley Quinn. Thus begins one of the most famously twisted love stories in all of DC comics.

3. Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon

DC's Nightwing Annual Vol.2 #2, 2007 comic still

From the pages of Nightwing opens with Dick Grayson proposing to Barbara Gordon and closes with her turning him down. In-between in a roller coaster ride, of flashbacks throughout their relationship, and in the end, Dick leaves the ring in a note promising to one day return to his true love.

2. Green Arrow and Black Canary

DC Love Story of Green Arrow and Black Canary

A tense Battle reignites the passion between a long time on again, off again Green Arrow and Black Canary, and their reunion can only be described as tantric. Later a deathifying class with Deathstroke and Constantine Drakon is more than enough to inspire these lovebirds to say I do.

1. Superman and Lois Lane

Love Story of Superman and Lois Lane

In all star Superman Lois gets superpowers for her birthday, and attract some unexpected shooters. Ultimately Superman warns up both Sampson and Atlas and flies Lois to the moon for once and a lifetime liplock.

So those are our favorite DC love stories and you can catch even more.