Top 10 DC Superheroes Who Died and Then Returned To Life

Endings are not always bad. …

It’s normal for the DC heroes to pass on in the line of obligation, and some of the time, they may even be revived.
One such staple storylines from the comic business are the passing of a hero.
Alongside their passing comes their inevitable re-visitation of the place where there is the living.
So numerous heroes have passed on and returned to life.
That makes it difficult for fans to really grieve when a superhero kicks the bucket.
Since they are, as of now, pondering when they will return.
Regardless of whether the legend passes on to prevent the DCU from terminating or just to secure their own city, a piece of the saint game is forfeiting oneself for everyone’s benefit.


#10 Jason Todd Was Murdered By The Joker & Returned As Red Hood:


#9 Wally West Was Lost In The Speed Force For A Decade Until Finally Escaping:


#8 Superman Fell In The Final Battle Against Doomsday & Returned In A New Black Suit:


#7 Supergirl Died While Protecting Superman & Didn’t Return Until Her Modern-Day Version Was Introduced:


#6 Hawkman & Hawkgirl Were Caught In A Never-Ending Cycle Of Life & Death:


#5 Batman Died Multiple Times & Had To Fight His Way Back:


#4 Barry Allen Was Killed While Trying To Power A Weapon Intended To Foil Anti-Monitor & Came Back Over Two Decades Later:


#3 Hal Jordan Sacrificed Himself To Save The Galaxy & Returned As Spectre:


#2 Damian Wayne Was Killed By An Older Clone Of Himself & Is Resurrected With The Chaos Shard:


#1 Tim Drake Was Blown Away By The Automated Drones Of The Colony & Returned After Escaping Mr. Oz:

These are the Top 10 DC Superheroes Who Died and Then Returned To Life
I’m really amazed at these heroes and how they came back to life.
What about you guys?
What do you have to think about these heroes who came back to life?
Did you enjoy our pick?
Tell us your favorite from the list?
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