Top 10 villain’s death that broke our hearts

Although we hate villains and want them to lose. But their heartbreaking deaths surely break our hearts too. Perhaps, some might think that it’s just the repayment of their sins, but others might have felt it wasn’t justified with that character. However, some people even relate to their traumatic stories. Even though these characters hold some criminal records and are known for their cruelty, but still they can leave an emotional impact on fans.
So here’s the list of the top 10 heartbreaking deaths of villains that made fans cry.

1. Lex’s tragic death

Lex has had so many tragic deaths in the dc multiverse, but the one in the Last Knight On Earth was the most tragic and simply made many cry for him. Lex after defeating superman felt heartbroken and depressed, he felt sad for the earth’s condition. he decided to create a clone of superman to maintain peace again. He successfully created the Kal-El but died in his hands while trying to guide parallel timeline’s Kryptonian rocket to earth. Moreover, his efforts paid off when superman landed safely on earth.

2.  Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn died in the name of love

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are one of the best couples in the DC universe. the first healthy relationship of Harley Quinn after all the toxic ones. The Valentine’s day special DC: love is a battlefield left all of us emotional when Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy died in old age. Poison Ivy revealed to her before they died that she has modified her Lazarus seeds to make them resurrect them into plant-beings, the only condition was they won’t remember a bit about their past life. Harley agreed anyways and said she will find her earlier. this was the most emotionally beautiful and heartbreaking death in the DC universe.

3. Billy Batson sacrificed his life for superman

This character wasn’t a Supervillain but instead, he was a Superhero who was against Superman. Lex Luthor brainwashed Billy about superman from childhood. even after being a hero, he was a villain to superman. It took a while for him to realize the reality after batman revealed the truth to him. In the war when shazam started overpowering him and dragged him to the corner, they realized the nuclear missiles are coming towards them. Shazam took the missile to the midair and it blew up killing him along as well. It was his last-minute redemption.

4. Superboy primes death

Superboy prime has always had a villainous reputation in dc universe, a selfish person who always wants to be the center of the universe, yeah everyone dislikes him. But in the Dark Knight’s: Death metal- the secret origin, he earned a soft place in our hearts. During the final multiverse breaking war when batman who laughs tried to bribe him to get his side, he refused the order. he realized his sins and fought to save the world. He died unnoticed while fighting with Barbato’s disciple, but reawakens in the new world where he was the hero he always wanted to be.

5. The heart-wrenching demise of Deadshot.

Deadshot is famously known for betraying death all the time, someone who never ran out of luck. but in 2019 things went in the opposite direction when Black Mask disguised as superman tried to kill him, eventually, he dies after he realizes superman is fake. what makes his death even more tragic is that he was trying to change himself for good he was humanizing himself from the inside out, moreover, his daughter Zoe was waiting for him to return, without having any clue. Readers cried tons on his death, it was something nobody expected in their worst nightmares.

6.Bizarro, the closest to Lex Luthor dies

Bizarro as we all know was the third duplicate of superman. The Joker managed to acquire the 5th-dimensional powers of Mister Mxyzptlk and created his version of superman for his interests named Bizarro.
Later he was captured by Lex Luthor and it was unexpected to the readers but both Bizarro and Lex Luthor had a great unexpected bond together in Forever evil comic series. When the Crime invasion took place Lex created another Superman clone that turned out to be Bizarro. Lex was traumatized when Bizarro died fighting and vowed vengeance.

7. Solomon Grundy dies as a loyal friend

The animated series Justice league showed the fans an unexpected and unique friendship between Hawkgirl and Solomon grundy. In the series “The terror beyond” Solomon is recruited to stop Cthulhu. Unfortunately, he dies fighting the ancient evil but that’s not the saddest part. There was a chance for him to regain his humanity and make amends for the bad things he had done in his past with the help of Hawkgirl but all he gets is death in the end. He again dies in Justice league unlimited after his resurrection when Hawkgirl had to mercy kill him which made his death even sadder.

8. The Joker goes crazy and falls for her  death

There is a segment of The flashpoint comics that showed a darker version of The Batman as compared to the rest of the comics. In this version, Bruce Wayne is killed by Joe Chill(Joseph Chilton) which devastates the Wayne family resulting in Bruce Wayne’s father Thomas Wayne become The Bloodthirsty Batman. Meanwhile, Martha Wayne is so much struck by the death of Bruce that she becomes crazy and turns out to be the female Joker.
It is then when Batman tells her that he found a way where Bruce will live on but they both will die but he is destined to become The Batman. Refusing to believe it Martha goes crazy and falls to her death in a cave nearby.

9. Terra takes her own life after losing her mind

The betrayal of Terra in the series Teen Titans: The Judas Contract is well known by fans and it was a sad and unfortunate event in the series as well. But what’s even sadder is, Terra losing her mind during the fight of H.I.V.E where she sees Jericho-possessed Deathstroke attack her. The fact that she was in love with Deathstroke and seeing him attacking her was too much for her to process. Feeling betrayed by everyone, she ultimately breakdowns and unleashes a powerful and destructive earthquake in the process and kills herself.

10. Earth-2 Superman sacrifices his life for the greater good

In the series Infinite crisis when Superboy-Prime and Eath-2 Superman declare a war on The Dc Present(i.e. Earth-One) under Alexander Luthor’s influence. It is then that Earth-one superman makes Earth-2 superman realize that attaining a perfect world is impossible at the cost of other lives. The two Superman then fight against Superboy-Prime and eventually defeat him but Earth-2 Superman takes a lot of damage to his body and peacefully dies in the arms of Power Girl.


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