Top 10 X-Men Comic Covers From The ’60s, Positioned

“Mankind Has Always Feared What It Doesn’t Understand.”-Magneto

The X-Men comic battled to discover a crowd of people during its presentation decade.
Yet, it wasn’t for the absence of lovely and eye-getting cover craftsmanship.
The 1960s were a tempestuous decade for the X-Men.
While large numbers of their Wonder friends would discover immense achievement, their ubiquity dwindled as time went on.
Regardless of a solid beginning, the idea of a freak saint would not catch people’s creative minds in general.
They would end the decade with a hailing title that would require rebooting during the ’70s.
Regardless of this, they had plenty of positive focuses.
They would present a large group of characters that would establish the framework for quite a long time to come.
Likewise, the most outstanding fine art from any title created can be discovered both in their pages and on their covers.

#10 The Brotherhood:


#9 Introducing The X-Men:


#8 Introducing Havok:


#7 The Origin Of Professor X:


#6 Now Shall Appear The Mimic:


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#5 The Supreme Sacrifice:


#4 The Wail Of The Banshee:


#3 The Death Of Professor X:


#2 The Uncanny Threat Of Unus The Untouchable:


#1 The Mark Of The Monster:

So ya, These are Top 10 X-Men Comic Covers From The ’60s, Positioned.
I really am mesmerized with such great comic covers.
What about you guys?
What do you have to think about these comic covers?
Did you enjoy our pick?
Tell us your favorite from the list?
Until then, keep reading Animated Times for more magnificent content related to pop culture, movies, television shows, and much more.


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