Top 3 HBO Max Movies Released In 2021

HBO Max filled dramatically in 2021, which means the streaming stage has a plenty of select films to rank from most exceedingly terrible to best for the year. HBO Max’s fast development is owed in no little part to its arrangement with Warner Bros., which saw the stage have concurrent deliveries across HBO Max and theaters for the creation organization. This double delivery recipe, at first executed in light of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, saw HBO Max’s supporter numbers top 70 million of every 2021, owing in no little part to the quantity of enormous name motion pictures delivering only on the stage.

While The Matrix Resurrections denoted the finish of Warner Bros. what’s more HBO Max’s synchronous delivery record, the achievement of numerous HBO Max restrictive films in 2021 guarantees the streaming stage is very much set up for supported accomplishment later on. 2021 went about as a sign for the proceeded with nature of HBO Max select film discharges, with a few titles promoted to bring home lofty finish of-year grants. Here is each HBO Max film of 2021 positioned from most noticeably terrible to best.

HBO Max: Dune


Denis Villeneuve’s latest sprawling sci-fi epic is a stunning cinematic achievement, particularly when viewed alongside the widespread disappointment that accompanied David Lynch’s previous attempt at translating Frank Herbert’s novel to the big screen. Whereas Lynch’s Dune felt rushed, Villeneuve’s version is a love letter to its source material, deliberately painting Herbert’s vast cosmic world while ingratiating a new generation of fans to its gorgeous narrative. Dune‘s events essentially boil down to little more than a prologue in the context of the overarching storyline, yet Villeneuve’s first offering of Dune‘s planet Arrakis is so enticing and extravagant it simply demands attention, making it the best HBO Max movie of 2021.

In The Heights

Based on the stage musical of the same name by Quiara Alegría Hudes and Lin Manuel Miranda, In The Heights is an irrepressible celebration of culture, community, and love in the largely Dominican suburb of Washington Heights New York. In The Heights’ movie adaptation is a feast of color, energy, and sound backed by Miranda’s considerable talents at creating hit after hit of musical numbers. While not quite as groundbreaking as his work on HamiltonIn The Heights still boldly tells an expansive story that takes audiences on a vivid journey that is not even slightly diminished when extracted from its stage musical roots.

King Richard
HBO Max: King Richard

King Richard

There was a time when Will Smith was fast becoming Hollywood’s undisputed action king, with turns in dystopian worlds such as I, Robot, and I Am Legend cementing his status as pure box office. While these days have perhaps since passed, Smith’s enduring, endearing talents live on, as emphasized by his turn as Richard Williams, the father and coach of famed tennis players Venus and Serena Williams in this touching biopic. While there are other notable performances in this sporting drama, King Richard‘s compelling core is made up by a towering turn from Will Smith in one of the year’s great performances – and makes King Richard a must-see film.

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