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Top 5 AWW facts about Jason Todd and Bruce Wayne


1- Bruce met Jason Todd on the anniversary of his parent’s death and in the alley where they died.Bruce meeting jason

2- Jason saved Bruce’s life from The Joker in their first meeting of Arkham Verse. Jason: I'd heard about the Bat but had never seen him face to face. Batman: And everybody knew the joker from some crap pulled a couple Christmas earlier.

3- Bruce once declared to his lawyer that he is willing to give all of his fortunes to get Jason back.facts about Jason Todd and Bruce Wayne

4- Jason mentioned that during his days as Robin, he couldn’t sleep at nights until he could hear the sound of Bruce come back home, safe and sound.
Jason sleeping on Batman's Shoulder

5- When Jason came back to life, despite not having any memories or any human reactions, Jason still called out Bruce’s name and cried when Talia mentioned Bruce to him.