Top 5 ‘Fox’ Characters Returning To Marvel That Can Defeat Thanos

After numberless legal processes and rumours, the Disney- Fox merger has gone official. Therefore, incredible movies like X-men and the Fantastic Four along with their supremely talented characters are coming home to Marvel. This apparently is expected to change the entire system of the Marvel Universe as this will open the doors to an infinite number of new stories.

We have finally planned to unravel the Fox characters who are soon going to merge and save the MCU from Thanos. A few movies like that of X-men is likely going to make you happy while the others are sure to make you wonder. After the events of the Infinity War, it is practically clear that the Avengers need some help.


When it comes to sheer courage, only a few characters match up to the Dark Phoenix for he is ultimate. He is responsible for extreme devastation, and even Thanos falls weak in comparison with him.
Jean Grey is the most famous host of the Phoenix Force. With the introduction of Phoenix, the introduction of X-men will be inevitable.
Quite like the other characters on the list, the Phoenix Force proves that, instead of more heroes, a more courageous villain could bring defeat to Thanos. The inclusion of the Phoenix Force’s in this film would make a future adaptation of the controversial Avengers vs. X-Men storyline perfectly logical.


This character is one of the most compelling of all others mentioned in the list. Moreover, he would be a much easier character to push into the MCU.
The Master of Magnetism is a well-known villain but he could indeed save the day in A4. If the fight comes down to an another or no fight, Magneto will make all the difference. He can utilize his powers to both attack and restraint the Mad Titan from making use of the Infinity Gauntlet. There would be no “you should have gone for the head” moment this time around; Magneto could finish the job.


This team seems to be the most sensible of all listed here. They are based in New York City, a popular setting for Marvel movies.  Moreover, Tony Stark stranded on Titan; the Avengers need another genius to take Stark’s place temporarily. Few characters deserve to do so more than Mr Fantastic, or Reed Richards.
Richards is one of the smartest characters in the Marvel world, and his knowledge could prevent a day when it comes to defeating Thanos.


The Avengers, could not succeed in stopping Thanos’ quest to gather the Infinity Stones and fulfil his mission. Maybe another team could succeed where the Avengers fell short. The X-Men are one of the most incredible movies of all the times, and they are created to collaborate with the MCU gradually. There is no time like that of the present, and therefore the X-men could not help the Avengers in defeating Thanos who is practically very powerful here.

In the X-men world, there are numberless lineups of valiant mutants Marvel could use in the sequel to Infinity War. The fantastic lineup of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Iceman and Angel is just one of the many possibilities available to Marvel.


Unpredictably, Dr Doom could have been the hero of A4 when all is said and done. Victor Von Doom is one of the most mischevious villains in the history of Marvel, but he can still play the hero.
With a supremely strong intellect, a background as a masterful sorcerer and technological expertise that rivals that of Tony Stark, Doom looms as an adversary that could stand toe-to-toe with Thanos.

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