Top 5 Marvel Cinematic Movies, Officially Ranked

It all started with Iron Man in 2008 and since then we’ve seen 20 films by Marvel till date, the latest being Ant-Man & The Wasp. The Avengers came in 2012 and was a massive hit among fans and critics both, managing to earn $1.5 billion. With the current iteration wrapping up in 2019 with Avengers 4, today we will tell you about the top 5 MCU movies, till date!

5. Thor: Ragnarok

Kevin Feige allowed more freedom to the Marvel Studios with Thor: Ragnarok, which proved to be the most entertaining film of the Thor series.
It’s a delightfully silly film with subtle humour and a good storyline, which gets dark and serious at times. It’s one of the most vibrant MCU films till date and is the closest we’ll get to a Planet Hulk storyline.

4. Captain America: Winter Soldier

Captain America in MCU is what Superman should’ve been to DCEU, a symbol of hope and moral strength. The Winter Soldier showed Captain fighting against evil inside SHIELD and though a few critics stated the plot as outlandish, the movie had really nicely grounded action sequences with some great performances by Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan. The only odd thing lacking in this was the story of Winter Soldier, himself.

3. The Avengers

This was the beginning of a new era and we saw Avengers assembling for the first time. Some rememberable dialogues like “Puny God” and “I’m always angry”, which are cherished by fans till date.
We all always wanted to see our favourite heroes on big screen and that came true with Avengers. The movie contains humour with a brilliant action climax and a few entertaining twists.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy rose to become a fan favourite quickly after the movie released and 95% of viewers hadn’t even heard about them before! Characters like Groot and Rocket Raccoon became fan favourites and the movie stood out stylistically with its bright colours and good choice of music from the 70’s.
James Gunn, the director, was successful in bridging the gap between weird cult films and mainstream blockbusters with this movie.

1. Black Panther

This movie could’ve been called “Black Iron Man” and would’ve still been a hit. This movie is more than just a superhero film: it’s a fantasy epic that shows a world like never seen before. The movie also manages to craft out the real world issues.
The casting and artistry was beyond perfection and Michael B. Jordan stood out as the tragic and sympathetic villain Killmonger in the film.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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