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Top Features We Desperately Need In The PS5

Eager fans welcomed the newly launched PS5 with open arms. A fascinating console in itself, PS5 has yet to reach its full capacity, according to players. We’ve rounded up five awesome features that would make PS5 a power-packed console.

Storage Limitations

The 825GB SSD might feel compact, but only 667 GB is available for use after accounting for essential system apps. PS5 does not allow games to be offloaded or moved to external devices. With no option to expand the memory further, pro gamers might feel the space crunch. Sony did confirm the availability to add pre-approved SSD storage to be available in the future. An increased storage capacity would be a welcome feature.

PIP Mode for streaming apps

PS5 – Snap help feature

PS5 allows players to watch support videos or live-streamed gameplay on the side of the screen over your game like a Picture-in-picture (PIP) function. Sony would have achieved a unique takeaway if they allowed popular streaming apps in PIP mode as well. Apps like Youtube, Twitch, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney+ would have been an excellent addition for players who would like a little away time while on their play. 

Return of Folders & Themes

PS4 Feature – Folders and Themes

Many players were confused when the popular PS4 features – Folders & Themes-were left out in the PS5 launch. Folders allowed easy organization, and themes allowed personalization. Both these basic features were meant to be a given in PS5 but unfortunately not at the moment. 

Simplified Cross-Generation Interface with backward compatibility

PS5 – Cross Gen backwards compatibility

PS5 allows cross-gen support, which means many PS4 games can still be purchased and played on the new console alongside the PS5 versions of the same games. But what’s left gamers in a lurch is the poorly designed interface. By default, the console settles for the PS4 version, if any. The option to select the PS5 version is not evident enough in the menu. Hopefully, we can expect a patch for this piece-of-cake feature from Sony.

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But sadly, versions beyond PS4 are not compatible on PS5. There’s no news or speculation about its availability from Sony either. Considering that the competition is already offering backward compatibility, it would be wise to include this feature.

Resume Game

An easy resume functionality is unavailable across multiple games in the PS5 console. Though the lightning-fast loading times are impressive, it is still disappointing to see a longer-than-expected wait time when swapping between games. The robust architecture of PS5 can easily handle a feature like this, but so far, it is not available.


What are your thoughts on the PS5 console? Please share your views with us in the comments below.

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