Top Unpopular Opinions From Reddit On Money Heist

Netflix’s Money Heist has created havoc around the world and gained fans all over the world. It has an amazing premise and wonderful characters and jaw-dropping twists.

With all the limelight it has gained, many fans have been divided by opinions they have regarding the series. Be it someone’s death or change in the plot or a love story, fans have not been shy to speak about these things. Here are some “unpopular” opinions about Money Heist aka La Casa de Papel.

1. Watch It In Spanish!

Reddit user ItsRoastTime, didn’t know (like many others) that Money Heist was not originally filmed in Englished. When they switched to the original language aka Spanish, they realized that “the show got way much better.”

The English dubs and subtitles were added later because of the growing fan base. It is understandable that people would want to watch it in English but watching it in the original language has its own experience.

2. Berlin Is Highly Overrated!

Berlin is one of the most loved characters in the series. And irrespective of his ruthless orders, fans can’t deny the fact that he was important in getting the group through their first heist. But one Redditor thinks that Berlin is “highly overrated” compared to other characters of the show such as Lisbon, Nairobi, Tokyo, and the Professor.

Some fans think that despite his actions, Berlin always wanted the best for the gang and he even went on to sacrifice himself to save the crew.

3. Lisbon Should Have Stayed Loyal To The Cops

Lisbon was a worthy opponent of Professor since she could discover his identity. But it was extremely weird that such a respected police inspector gave up her career to be involved in a crime. She changed her mind to join the thieves.

One Redditor is of the opinion that her addition to the heist “was the most unnecessary thing” since she didn’t have a meaningful contribution. Her changing the sides didn’t have any major impact on the heist but many fans consider her to be a worthy leader.


4. Rio Should Have Died Instead Of Tokyo!

It’s a no-brainer that Rio was not the smartest character in the series and even though he is a tech genius, yet he doesn’t have the skills which are required to survive the heist. And fans had witnessed that many times, others have been cleaning up his mess.

One of the Redditor feels that they should have killed Rio instead of Tokyo in season 5. But on the other hand, many fans believe that even though Rio acted quite foolishly, he has great knowledge about cybersecurity which was very important for the series and this talent of his is quite unbeatable.

And killing him would just destroy the second heist since the gang was saving him from Inspector Sierra!

5. Palermo and Berlin Have The Best Love Story!

Money Heist has quite a number of love stories, however, not all are popular among the fans. According to the Reddit user Pristine_Adagio1166, who uses a Drake meme to showcase how much better love story Berlin and Palermo have compared to that of Rio and Tokyo, and call their opinion “Unpopular.”

Sadly, Palermo and Berlin’s romantic relationship has been quite in contrast with that of Rio and Tokyo’s relationship.

6. Arturo Was Needed For The Show

All fans agree that Roman is one of the most annoying characters of the series but he was also one interesting character. According to Redditor NT-Deimos- “the series would have less plot” if Arturo was not there. Many people have agreed with this opinion and said that he made the show enjoyable to watch.

But some viewers believe that he shouldn’t have survived after Stockholm’s gunshot.

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