Totally Bizarre Things in MARVEL Cinemas

There would be many weird facts about your favorite MCU Superhero known to you. But do you know the weirdest things in the Universe they belong? Get to know them as we have listed here some of the totally bizarre things in Marvel Cinemas.


Could anyone explain how the Deadpool is actually born? Is it from the story shown in X-men origins: WOLVERINE?

Or what was shown in Deadpool? If MCU says that both are different, then why did they cast Ryan Reynolds in both?

This explanation is really needed.

Bizarre Deadpool Origin in Marvel
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MARVEL's Weird Fact
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We all love the humor Iron Man, Hulk and Nick Fury brings in the movie. But is it really necessary? Is that what defines a superhero movie?

Definitely no. Little bit comedy goes, but for a majority of times, Marvel seems to lose the main content matter over the comedy. This seems to be weird.

Excluding Deadpool from this category as he is already built for the same.


Characters in Infinity war
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Marvel’s biggest project is undoubtedly, “THE INFINITY WAR.”

But they are giving in a lot of sacrifices for the same. Their characters like Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are stuck at the TV series level and have not been able to capture a lot of audiences.

This is a big risk for Marvel if they are planning to introduce everyone to the Infinity War.

Also, the stardom for the TV series stands nowhere in front of the likes of RDJ, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johannson etc.

4. Music

Marvel's Bizarre Music
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With Hans Zimmer as the music director for the DC movies, Marvel movies are nowhere to be seen.

We all can chant the music of Batman, Wonder Women, but do we even remember the music of Marvel. An ineffective music takes away half the flavor of the music and that is happening with Marvel. Not taking action on this totally makes it a bizarre thing in Marvel.

5. Avengers are responsible for the things they Avenge.


Totally Bizarre Things in MARVEL Cinemas
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Let’s rewind to why all the problems are caused in the Avengers.

In some way or the other, Avengers are the one who actually leads to them.

For the first season, Loki was summoned by S.H.I.E.L.D. For the second part, Tony himself unintentionally created Ultron.

So, it is pretty clear that if there are no Avengers, there would have been no problems.

Is that the message MCU wants to send to the masses?

Undoubtedly, a weird marvel thing.

6. Movies are deteriorating

Credits: collider

None of the Marvel movies has yet hit the success brought by the first Iron Man movie.

Similarly, Age of Ultron was no way near to the first avenger.

This gives us a clear example that with every sequel Marvel is deteriorating its level.

Civil War was a hit because of the promotions and the hype it got. Critically it is not acclaimed. With this
deteriorating level, an MCU fan should keep his fingers crossed for the Infinity War.

7. No Solo Movies for their Female Leads

Black Widow
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Why haven’t we got a Solo movie for our favorite Black Widow or any lead character for that matter?

Marvel is making sequels and prequels for Captain America, Ant-Man etc.

Their female leads like Black Widow, Jean Grey have a strong enough background for a solo movie. These things still amaze an MCU fan.

8. Powerless villains.

Bizarre Villain Powers in MCU
Credits:- Heroic Hollywood

Are Marvel villains actually evil enough?

Of all the villains in the Marvel universe, only Loki has got that “evil and scary” villain-y sort of style.

Rest all are just mere power. Take Apocalypse for example. He wanted to rule the world but rather than tactics relied solely on power.

Unlike DC villains like Joker, Bane and all, MCU fails to put an evil status to their villains.

9. The No- Risk Policy

Marvel follows a simple and conventional storyline.

No twists and turn. Nothing out of the box. Just a plain story of how superheroes save the city from villains.

This is not what comics are for. Comics are for suspense, thrill and the nail-biting twist and turns. And Marvel has drastically failed to deliver on that.


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