Trending old furbies are getting “Longifyed” by people ! ALAS !

The virtual world of social media and the internet browser is like a Pandora’s box that keeps throwing surprises every single day. New trolls, new species for people to fall in love with, varied people to jump on. Hence, if there’s one thing on the internet you can count on, it is its neverending trends. And while some become so common that people all around the globe hype about it for a while, some of the trends tend to flow under the radar and become a sort of legend of their own.

Birth of Furbies

Furbies are brought back to trends

The origin of Furby animatronic was in 1998, however, in preceding years this trend has been gaining a lot of popularity thanks to Tumblr users. It looks like the users on the blue social media site had a tenderness for this particular toy that motivated them to revive it by creating it aesthetically, exchanging existing toys as well as reintroducing the Furby with various DIY skills and this is how ‘Long Furby’ was born.

Vibes of these creatures

Pretty terrifying or terrifyingly pretty ???

At first sight, this trend might seem quite peculiar but interestingly there’s an internet community which devotes their time and money to invent and interchange ‘Long Furby’ versions of the fine old Furby toy. Yes, you have got that right. If you adored those cute little talking toys as a child, then maybe this latest ‘creature’ will bring back beautiful memories. Or might end up petrifying you.

Reviews on social media

Furbies are getting hyped up and creating a legendary of their own

Instagram user “boots_with_the_furb” interestingly shared a bunch of furbies that they ‘longified’ and molded into a caterpillar or centipede-like creature. And while multiple people forwarded the pictures all around, the general consensus wasn’t consistent. a handful also found these new reinventions of the old Furby mortifying, while others thought it’s pretty adorable. As for us? We can’t really put our finger on either. It is terrifyingly pretty. Or is it pretty terrifying?

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