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15 Hilarious DC & Marvel Memes


The best reads are the memes. This is not any saying but it is just so true. To be honest, everyone loves DC comics but not everyone love the movies. The reason DC comics are so popular is because of their superheroes. I mean Superman is literally invincible yet he is defeated. Batman has got no superhero yet he is considered the strongest. Wonder Woman is literally the Beauty and the Beast herself. Doctor Manhattan is just too powerful to be handled. The fastest man alive Flash and all. These concepts made DC popular among the masses.

However this is a world of memes and no matter how much powerful you are, you will be trapped in this meme.

    1. Dating Lois Lane

Rule No 1 Superman. You should not date anyone when you are having common cold.

Superman's Sneeze Breaks wall

2. Man of steel

And this is just complete cheating from the Man of Steel in the game of steels.

3. Supes marriage

Holy sh*t! We just didn’t want this to happen ever.

Superman dreams Batman as his bride

4. Faster than bullet

If you have just been a little bit more smart supes.

5. Batman’s magic show

One of Batman’s greatest skill is magic and now we know how he does that.

6. The married life of Wonder Woman

And thinking of that, Diana stopped loving Bruce Wayne.

7. Kryptonite B++ch

Next time Superman, just be a bit more careful.

8. Power of Mjolnir

Mr. Thor. Did you ever think how Mjolnir feels when you just swing it. Well now you do.

Mjolnir throwing Thor

9. This is Gotham

Don’t you dare break any rule Spartans. Cause this is the territory of Batman.

10. Green Monster

And now you are going to get your a** kicked.

11. Aliens vs Worlds Finest

Fear the knight!Fear the Batman.

12. Hungry Spidey

So, you were just planning on eating the king of Atlantis?

13. Baby Batman

And yes, another nightmare is here.

14. Eye of Sauron

If only this was true. Lord of the Rings would have ended in 11 minutes.

15. Tooth fairy

That is so not the fairy I want.

Memes by Dragonarte