Turning Movie Posters into Brands: The story of Lance Ford and his Instagram!

The title is not a misnomer, and Lance Ford is reaping the benefits of this doubt. Being a creative director is a tough but spontaneous job. Ideas can pop out of anywhere and at any time. So, how to make the best use of these ideas? Lance Ford would answer that draw them out on Photoshop and put them up on your Instagram! Surprised? Don’t be. The creative director has been sharing his impressive Photoshop collections on the gram for over two months now, and the public is already drooling over it! Ford works as a creative director in an agency called EP+Co. Lance’s love for advertising met his other passion, movies, and the three of them have been living ever since. Lance helps us imagine what it would be if movie posters were reimagined as brands. For the last two months, these movie posters are doing the rounds of social media. Here is a compilation of 8 posters that received a lot of praise from the social media public!

  1. Emma Stone certainly does not resemble a burger patty in this hilarious poster!
    The title is hilarious and we await the promo too!


    Caprio’s Wild Oats are certainly going to be the talk of the town!


    Superman Cavill certainly does not fit in, but the poster seems fun!


    Will Hanks get poppin’ after the corona outbreak?


    Deadpool turns into the Pillsbury man!


    Selena shines as the sun maid!


    A cheesy Fast and Furious rip-off it seems!

    Here’s a peek into the creative director’s window:


Source: Bored Panda, Instagram

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