TV Shows That Wasted Some Genuinely Awesome Concepts

TV Shows are at their peak these days. They have never been so good right? During the past few years, there have been such creative and innovative concepts for the shows. But we all know how difficult it is to get positive ratings at times.

Even if the story and show are super awesome, doesn’t guarantee success for the show. And it is a tough job for the writers and filmmakers too. But then it makes it more difficult for the audience to understand the concept of what the tv shows are meant to be. Here are some Tv shows that had a great concept but sadly were wasted.

1. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

TV shows that had amazing concepts
This Netflix show had great potential, however, it end up negatively

When we got the first look at the Netflix series, we honestly were expecting a sinister take on Sabrina Spellman. Horror genre fans were expecting something satanic and it certainly did attract a lot of fans. But it was kind of sad that the show didn’t live up to the hype it created.

Rather than getting a scary and horror witch story that Netflix promised us, we ended up getting a teenage drama which was really bad. So not many fans were upset or surprised when Netflix canceled the show in 2020.

2. Revolution

TV Shows that actually had great potential but was wasted
REVOLUTION certainly had a lot of potential

This show was honestly revolutionary. A group of revolutionaries was forced to go against the warlords after something shuts down the electricity. This just created chaos among the people.

Not many know that the show was actually created by Eric Kripke (Supernatural, The Boys) fame. The world in the show just turned into a lawless place after the electricity was wiped off the entire planet.

The writers were great so was the cast and it was even praised for the first season. However, it didn’t receive the same kind of affection for the second season.

3. Heroes

TV Shows that had great concepts but couldn't utilize on it
Heroes had one of the best concepts ever

This was one of those TV shows that had a massive appreciation when the first season was aired. The show revolved around a few ordinary people who end up developing superhuman abilities. But now they need to come together and prevent an apocalyptic future from happening.

The first season was one of the best series ever made on television. But the show was sadly affected by the WGA writer strike in 2007. As a result, NBC was forced to condense the story of the second season from 24 to 11 episodes.

4. Riverdale

TV shows that couldn't use their potential
The writers didn’t know what they were doing

Four teenagers in a town have to deal with some dark sinister happenings and criminals. While it did sound exciting, the show honestly made no sense. It was so awfully written that even the cast members have confessed in interviews saying, “the writers have no idea what they’re doing” and even “are just randomly making things up as they go.” 

Though the series has a loyal fanbase, the show is a disaster.

5. 13 Reasons Why

TV shows that couldn't use their potential
They should have never made season 2

The first season was really good. We saw it deal with some heavy yet important themes. Hannah takes her own life and weeks later her classmate Clay. In the box, Clay finds 13 recordings where she explains why she commits suicide. It was a heart-wrenching tale, the plot, the cast, everything was superb. But then Netflix decided to come up with more seasons and honestly it didn’t work beyond the first season then. They literally had no reason to exist post its season one and it was actually good to see it finally coming to an end in June 2020

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