Marvel: The Secret Invasion Series Has Finally Found Its Directors

“Keep moving forward, and if it’s time to go, it’s time. Nothing lasts forever.” – Stan Lee Secret Invasion, Marvel's forthcoming… Read More

1 day ago

10 Drama Thrillers That Could be TV’s Next Breaking Bad

For long, Breaking Bad has been the gold standard of the small screen drama genre. But these ongoing shows have… Read More

2 days ago

10 Best Non-Superhero Graphic Novels That Would Make Amazing TV Shows

There have been some attempts at making shows out of non-superhero comic books and graphic novels. Not many of them… Read More

3 days ago

10 Of The Marvel Villains Loki Could Go Up Against In His Upcoming Series

"I Assure You, Brother, The Sun Will Shine On Us Again." - Loki(Avengers: Infinity War). With the new Loki TV… Read More

4 days ago

20 Actors Who Got Less Time On A TV Show, But Absolutely Made The Most Of It

As Konstantin Stanislavski remarked that “there are no small parts, only small actors.”, entertainment world today is filled is many… Read More

5 days ago

6 Movie Reboots That Fans Loved & 6 Reboots That Fans Didn’t

"Cinema is not only about making people dream. It's about changing things and making people think." -Nadine Labaki. There is… Read More

5 days ago

TV Series : 10 Of The Greatest TV Characters Of This Century !

In the world of television fandom  ,  characters are the main reason we all are hooked towards our favorite series… Read More

7 days ago

The Flash: Set Photographs Uncover First Glance At Jordan Fisher’s Impulse Costume

"Ah"? "Ah"? I barreled in just in time to save your long, thin neck... and all I get is "Ah"? --Bart Allen The Flash season 7 set photographs… Read More

1 week ago

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