Twilight Franchise Responds Perfectly To Robert Pattinson Playing Batman

DC fans all around the globe were taken by surprise yesterday when the news of Robert Pattinson being cast as Batman in Matt Reeves’ film came out. However, it was affirmed shortly thereafter that the deal between Warner Bros and Robert Pattinson hasn’t been finalised yet and that Nicholas Hoult is also among those running for playing the Dark Knight. However, during the brief moments when Robert Pattinson was thought to be locked as the new Batman, the Internet saw some great reactions, including that from the official Twilight franchise.


Here’s the response from the Twilight Franchise:

Obviously, it’s a reference to the Team Jacob vs Team Edward phenomenon that surfaced at the time Twilight was still popular.

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Robert Pattinson rumored to play Batman
Robert Pattinson rumored to play Batman

Even for those fans who loved Twilight years back, the idea of Robert Pattinson playing Batman sounds really interesting. While many recognise him from his early days playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise, he has actually had a great filmography ever since. Some fans have even started petitions to remove Pattinson from playing Batman but we bet those people haven’t seen Good Time yet.

Fans React On Robert Pattinson as Batman

Many fans commented on the tweet by the Twilight handle, with many even having their own reactions to the casting.

“Finally vampires can turn into bats,” @jenniferanwston joked.

“Good luck to him. It’s certainly an interesting choice & he’s grown so much as an actor,” @maskofdphantasm wrote.

“Best tweet out of this whole thing,” @Manu_V added.

Now whether you like the idea of Robert as Batman or not, it looks like nothing is set for now. The announcement was initially made by Variety but then Deadline later reported about Hoult being considered for the iconic role.

The Batman by Matt Reeves will give everyone a different version of the franchise that fans are yet to see. The film is slated for a 2021 release. Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: Twitter, Comicbook

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