Twitter mash up: Oscars audience reacts to 'Jabba's Palace performance'

The big night for films, the 92nd Academy Award took place on Sunday. The evening was filled with fun and surprises of all kinds. There were awards and jokes and fashion comments that filled the evening.


Eminem’s surprise performance

Eminem's surprise performance
Crowd taken by surprise by Eminem’s surprise performance

The God of rapping, Eminem, appeared on the stage and sang his ‘Lose Yourself’ from the 2002 movie, 8 mile that had also won an Oscar for Best Original Song in 2003.

The crowd was taken by a surprise by his performance. It was an unexpected and also bewildering for some part of the audience. However, the crowd eventually settled and started enjoying the performance.

The reactions from the crowd was so priceless that, without any hesitation the video clip became a meme later on.


Oscar meme circulating on social media

Oscar meme circulating on social media
Baffled expressions visible among the crowd

People and fans have started inserting reactions into various other performances that took place that night. There is one meme by a Star Wars fan, who inserted ‘Jedi Rocks’ into the scene at Jabba’s Palace in Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi during the film’s 1997 re-release.


Have a look at it yourself

“I’ve been wanting to make this since Sunday lol,” @heathdwilliams wrote on Twitter.




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